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  1. anonimity

    flexible mayhem access

    Since I see Ludvig actually reading this thread, please pass along to MA devs that competition for mayhem would be a good thing. Now the only competition is who can run a macro the longest with the highest DPS.
  2. anonimity

    flexible mayhem access

    just bring back the old mayhem style and get rid of 5K's. cap it at like 2500. that way it isn't a pure luck fest to the only person who gets 3x 5k in a 10 hr run. there is ZERO competition in mayhem now. There used to be at least some semblance of competition. Bring back True Assault / Defense...
  3. anonimity

    Buying: Buying: Aegis (F) - Helmet, Shin

    Looking for these two parts. If you have them stored away or loot them please hit me up and let me know what your looking for.
  4. anonimity

    Selling: [Chronicle Gloves, TEN Edition (F)] 10K

    I’d happily buy at that price if you could kindly locate the other 5 missing pieces too ;) sad that most of the set is probably on some dead account
  5. anonimity

    how to be dumb, a tutorial

    anything that has TWEN in the name is guaranteed to give better loot... it's science.
  6. anonimity

    FYI: ANOTHER "Fair bid" on AH ..

    While we’re at it we should eliminate the ability to sell stuff on auction for less than TT. I’ve Had this happen to me on a stack of 990 oil of some sort before where I was trying to set the MU value at 101.x% but I accidentally sold it for 6 ped instead of 1006 ped… seems like a stupid system...
  7. anonimity

    For really old players

    I believe the one you're talking about is the one that was removed because of copyright infringement since the quote used in the song "I've never seen a sky look so alien, a million strange stars and only one wish, I wish we were home" was a quote from the movie Lost In Space. and after...
  8. anonimity

    Selling: Summer Ring 2018, Halloween Ring 2017

    Still selling.
  9. anonimity

    Selling: close

    i feel like the title is misleading. it's a full set of 2 half sets of two different plates?
  10. anonimity

    Mining finder radius fake

    this isn't true. stand on the side of a cliff and mine. you will eventually hit claims 200m down the slope. which is well beyond 55m
  11. anonimity

    Buying: Tier 4 Comps

    still buying.
  12. anonimity

    Investing large amount into game

    Boxes are 100% the best way to deposit. Even if you do classified boxes it’s better than straight ped. Why pay 3% fee off the top? Ppl say you will lose to cycle universal ammo but you will lose with any hunt craft mine activity especially at low levels. You might as well get the chance of...
  13. anonimity

    Info: Mindark IPO 2023-01-27

    not gonna hold my breath. this isnt the first time this has been a discussion.
  14. anonimity

    Suggestion: Divine proteron spawn

    a week or 2 ago i logged in immediately after server restart and the proteron wasn't even there. so either it moved or doesnt even spawn now...
  15. anonimity

    Suggestion: Future of events in Entropia

    - maybe finish out other weapon trees that are underdeveloped? end game rifles (outside of BC120, BC80 is the next step down for 2.0 guns), short blades, more mind-force trees other than electric. Clubs that use Ammo? Maybe an uber whip. - UL Laser / BLP mayhem amps - New Rocket Launchers - a...
  16. anonimity

    Selling: Summer Ring 2018, Halloween Ring 2017

    bump it up. looking for a HW22 ring if someone is interested in a swap for summer 18?
  17. anonimity

    Buying: Tier 4 Comps

    bump for moar comps. need about 90% of a gazillion now.
  18. anonimity

    DPP Test on tokens and boxes @ ~ 4.5 million PED cycle.

    assuming equivalent ped cycled on each weapon (which i'm not sure how to interpret 4.5M combined.. is that 2.5M on weapon 1 and 2.0M on weapon 2?) I would also want to see # of loot instances in this data set to draw more inferences. I agree that box/token drop is tied to DPS. What more DPP gets...
  19. anonimity

    Selling: Summer Ring 2018, Halloween Ring 2017

    bump. open to trade offers too.
  20. anonimity

    Buying: Tier 4 Comps

    if only the balancing manager would wake the fug up