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    Selling: OR Possibly trading my ML-35

    SOLD for +13k.
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    Extra skill period poll!

    Im with him ^ lol.
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    Selling: OR Possibly trading my ML-35

    Might be getting rid of this sweet gun, as i have replaced it now. Just a thread to see if any of you have an item of equal or similar value (a small ped difference can be paid) that u might want to trade for this (could be a gun or armor, or a nice fap perhaps?). Also if u are willing to pay...
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    PVP event: Revenge of the Guides

    Nice Event. -BoogZ :-)
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    Black Hawk's 15$ Experiment Wiebke Ash Frown

    Good luck. -BoogZ :-)
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    Ambulimax hunting log!

    Hunt #84 is when u will get the DOA/Uber. -BoogZ :-) p.s. Cool thread, simple, and interesting.
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    Is this IT after 2 1/2 years?

    To me its not about the graphics, but its about the "gameplay". -BoogZ :-)
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    Entropia outside the universe! :D

    All i am saying is, in all my years, i have never heard booze reffered to as turps. Although, i have heard of some people stooping so low, as to drink turpentine in replacement of booze, but hey, they proberly drink bleach to clean there teeth aswell. -BoogZ :-) p.s. I did like the original...
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    Entropia outside the universe! :D

    Nope, still not seeing it, i think with all the years and booze, i would have heard of it, also, i click your turps link, and it doesent mention booze. Any Aussies wanna back me up? maybe the reallllly poor folk drink turpentine as booze, that may be where u/we are getting confused.? -BoogZ :-)
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    Entropia outside the universe! :D

    I have been an Australian for 25 years and never, ever, heard the term "Turps" for booze. -BoogZ :-)
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    Ambulimax hunting log!

    Good Luck! -BoogZ :-) p.s. if it does improve your luck, ill make 1 also, as i really need some atm. peace.
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    If you could change ONE thing in EU...

    A solo, and team quest line, even if it was just to get an item, from 1 point to another-through a pack of mobs, or defend point A from a pack of mobs for X amount of time, anything to make it slightly more interesting while hunting. sorry if this was already said, i dident read all the posts...
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    I need your guru skills - dormant acc

    Go to the My Account section of the planet calypso website, log in and all that so u can view a list of your items, that counts as logging in, and it worked for me. -BoogZ :-)
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    Getting Bumped - Damn it's Annoying

    Makes it very hard on CP, it really sucks that they can bump u while u fap and lose 3/4 of the heal. -BoogZ :-)
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    Selling: Selling Shadow Arms (F) SGA

    Bump for 2 good friends. -BoogZ :-)
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    Info: Free hotel accomodations in Rome

    I could provide some yummy baked goods in the loot pool. -BoogZ :-)
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    Buying: (trading) imk2 - BoogZ :-)
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    Buying: DetPil V-Rex 2000, SGA

    Invi's Discount Weapon's store. (check ad-screen.) (i know u probly know this, but free advertising for a good soc mate) -peace - BoogZ :-)
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    What work do you do IRL

    Im a baker. -BoogZ :-)
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    All trades are final, huge value items in EU and lack of contracts. Should MA change something?

    I was just asking a simple question. Also- MA/FPC's intention to provide a climate of trust, is for me/others to know if hackers can get past the goldcard system, which did have a role in this case ( unless they had no goldcard ). Peace - BoogZ :-)
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    All trades are final, huge value items in EU and lack of contracts. Should MA change something?

    So u say the person was hacked, did this person have a goldcard? Are hackers able to get past the goldcard system? Hope not. -BoogZ p.s. I truely hope the person gets all there stuff back, and the hacker/scammer, gets whats coming to them, something horrible.
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    Why is it taking a year and a day to update...

    I started mine when i left for work, was done when i got home 8.5 hours later. -BoogZ :-)
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    Question: Aurli Requirements?

    My day trip: Equipment- Gremlin/5b's, Adj-V1, EK2600/T20 Skills- Lvl 20 Evader, Lvl 42 Blp Sniper, Lvl 17 Paramedic I was sticking to the edge, but found it near impossible to avoid multiple mobs on me at once, as most of u know. I found my avg decay was 10ped- per 100 ped ammo. Based on...
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    Reality Check

    Id pay off more of my investment loan, that...or ...shadow :-)
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    Buying: Adj V1 or SGA Adj V1

    GL finding yours, a great gun indeed :-) -BoogZ :-)