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  1. Unearth

    "Black" set

    I have some Black Face Paint if you want :P Great set btw ^^
  2. Unearth

    Buying: First Gen Electric Attack Chip IV

    As said, i'm looking for one of those. If you got one, send me PM with price tag :) Have Fun ^^
  3. Unearth

    Selling: UL Isis LR48 Tier 5 Auction

    Just interested, becose I can't figure out one thing. Can I get the gun for +7500 if no one bids over me? Peace.
  4. Unearth

    You know you are addicted to PE when:

    When you don't log in EU for half of a year, but you read this forum every day :ahh:
  5. Unearth

    Entropia Universe Receives $2.5 Million Dollars From One Investor in Planet Calypso Citizenship System

    are Deeds stuckable? if no this guy must have a huuuuge storage...
  6. Unearth

    On a lighter note...

    No.4 for a hot Latino woman!!! :cool:
  7. Unearth

    Uber: XXI Narc + XX Cumb

    Bravo!! :yay:
  8. Unearth

    Uber: Joker's ATHs, Ubers and Looted Items

    Not sure if 3 will be enough :P Really nice collection. gz!
  9. Unearth

    HoF: February

    Now I see why you was so: All it's going great thanks !! Gz mate!:yay:
  10. Unearth

    FYI: BEWARE: SKIM BUG, Economy "BUG" or "Skimming"???

    This seems like a really big limitation to the gameplay. Be aware when you trade, be aware when you do anything in auction, be aware when you shoot, when you hof... For me seems all just a little too much. I did the withdraw 1 mount ago and I'm glad about it. Cose as things are now, you can't...
  11. Unearth

    Player delegation to go to MindArk HQ

    YES!!! :yup:
  12. Unearth

    MindArk, time for a formal comment to the playerbase please!

    I'm just interested: How much was the cost to spawn it? How much was the cost to kill it? Thank you ^^
  13. Unearth

    Selling: A-3 Justifier MK III

    This IS a low price for this weapon ! I sold mine for +700 not long ago, t3 aswell. ! Gl :)
  14. Unearth

    Selling: Inventory auction - SB TT+0

    That's it :) Konve won ! Thanks all for the biddings and gratz to the winner. BB :)
  15. Unearth

    Selling: Inventory auction - SB TT+0

    Auction ends in 10h. I won't be on tomorrow for most of the day, so the last one that posts before 8AM wins the inventory. I will probably be online tomorrow arround this time, but will send a pm as soon as I come home to the winner. Have a good day :)
  16. Unearth

    Selling: Inventory auction - SB TT+0

    Bump! Today is a new day ... :eyecrazy:
  17. Unearth

    Selling: Inventory auction - SB TT+0

    :lolup: Good One :D
  18. Unearth

    Selling: Inventory auction - SB TT+0

    DidImentionthattheHerbBoxistier1?bump :D
  19. Unearth

    Selling: Inventory auction - SB TT+0

    Sorry mate, I was there 2 times (witch is all in all 4) and couldn't mate with you, so I decided to sell all in a bulk. But it really was a mistake from me not to let you know. It's my bad, just was tired of catching you arround ^^ Peace.
  20. Unearth

    Selling: Inventory auction - SB TT+0

    Auction ends: Sunday 15.1.2012 at 8AM MA Time :) Hi! ;) Here I give you a list of my inventory. The auction will last for 3 days after the sb is met. SB is TT + 0, no BO or anything. Higher bidder wins. Here's the inventory list. I'm interested in a bulk sell ofc :D In short: 2 Pixie Armor...
  21. Unearth

    Selling: Atom's selling thread

    Thread can be closed :) Ty :locked:
  22. Unearth

    Selling: Atom's selling thread

    :bump: it up! :)
  23. Unearth

    Selling: Atom's selling thread

    :yay:Enhancers sold :yay: New Day, New Bump :bump:
  24. Unearth

    Selling: Atom's selling thread

    :bump: I did add what's left in my inventory. If you want something send me a msg with the price. Peace :yay:
  25. Unearth

    Selling: Atom's selling thread

    Noob Day, Noob Bump :bump: