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  1. melander

    Planet Calypso Content Release 2017.1

    Your just trolling now right? yes, crafting have different levels, always have always will that has nothing to do with level to cost ratio + the other points i made.
  2. melander

    Planet Calypso Content Release 2017.1

    And what has that to do with cost balancing?
  3. melander

    Planet Calypso Content Release 2017.1

    Ok lets try again then, MA has never balanced the different professions in terms of spending against each other, They just havent gone that route, to suggest that they should change that now is illogical not the other way around. Mining has always had its own twist on cost same with crafting...
  4. Crafting cost

    Crafting cost

  5. melander

    Planet Calypso Content Release 2017.1

    Yep im done too, clearly there is no rational argument or precedent dating back half a decade to explain this HP update, must be a MA conspiracy instead! ;)
  6. melander

    Planet Calypso Content Release 2017.1

    I dont think you can equate the different professions like that though, using lvl13 amps requires you to be of a certain mining level, same with crafting them or EP4. A high HP mob with low dmg you can just grab a Karma killer or any other old school weapon and a gremlin armor set at lvl1 and go...
  7. melander

    Planet Calypso Content Release 2017.1

    I never actually hunted the RT crabs so correct me if im wrong here but i assume they were high hp and relatively low dmg, right? Entropia used to have a selection of these mobs a few years ago (Old version Leviathan comes to mind) but pretty much all of them were heavily rebalanced to have more...
  8. melander

    The Most Expensive Home in the U.S

    Just what i always say, its not a house unless it has a helipad. :cool: Such a great house, thanks for sharing the video.
  9. melander

    Time to Bail Out on the Cry Engine

    A game engine isent a pre-built package that just runs the things you bolt on to it. The "engine" is simply the word used to describe the code layer as opposed to the scripting layer, which is where most gameplay functions reside. Everytime you download a update and entropia.exe gets replaced it...
  10. melander

    Anyone know what a Fanfare Trumpet does?

    I looted one of the instruments(a trumpet or a fanfare trumpet cant remember) a couple of years ago and if they didnt sneak in a update since then there is no use for them other then as decoration. It sure makes for a great loot window though. Looted it from a small sized foul :). Cheers Zweshi
  11. melander

    Crypto Currency(ex.: bitcoin)... PED already a Crypto

    This topic just wont die will it? :D Switching to crypto currency becasue "the dollar might collapse" is, and pardon my french, horseshit. If the dollar collapses id rather have my money stowed away in the form of timber then bitcoins, atleast then i can burn it for warmth while i hide away...
  12. melander

    Question: Different api possible?

    CPU usage for normal day to day gaming is really not a issue anymore, you can run Entropia on max settings without bottle necking on a 5 year old core i5 which you can probably buy of craigslist for less then 50bucks. So although less CPU usage looks excellent on paper it wont help unless you...
  13. melander

    Question: Different api possible?

    They would need to re-write all the code for the entire game for the third time...... switching a game engine isent like swapping to a new brand of toothpaste :D.
  14. melander

    Question: Different api possible?

    They will if it makes sense financially to do so, right now i see no reason why they would need to support a secondary api since windows based systems account for roughly 90% of the market. Keep in mind though that graphics api's and things of that nature operate on a completely different and...
  15. melander

    Platinum payed account created Juli 1. 2016, still not playable ...

    Mindarks support is definitly not snappy and thats a valid critique of how Mindark operates. That being said spamming there support server because "they should have responded by now" does not help. Mindark will fix this for you but if your expectation was to get a support ticket answered within...
  16. melander

    Privateers & Motherships

    Pro tip right there, if you like your gold below 200% buy it before that update ;).
  17. melander

    New Space is 5 Years Old - RIP OG Space

    I was not really around for this era of the game, but i think this is one of those things that got lost, not just in MA but in the gaming industry as a whole. A spacecraft launching from a fixed location building owned by a player is so magical that its almost ridiculous, talk about...
  18. melander

    Broken national flags? What's next?

    Meh, i dont see a problem with it.... its just a game not a politician making a statement in official capacity on another country. So lets just calm down and see it for what it is: a slightly silly looking 3D flag with a caption that includes "pirate flag" that doesnt really mean anything at all...
  19. melander

    Full Screen Window Mode

    A full screen windowed mode option would be nice, I prefer standard windowed though but what i cant understand is why they have disabled the "maximize" button which normally is enabled by default in almost every SDK/Software i have ever worked in. With the exceptions being software where GUI is...
  20. melander

    ATH: 193 931 ped exp

    Congratulations! Now when it comes time to spend the money on something, watch this clip about 3-4 times before you do and then decide if its still a good idea :D. Cheers! Zweshi
  21. melander

    Consolidated list of Planet Partner VU's - Jun 14, 2016

    +Rep! :), interesting to see Toulan get its own set of instance, wonder if we will see some new UL gear dropping from them.
  22. melander

    Server Downtime for Release

    1gb Awww yea, this is going to be interesting!
  23. melander

    PayPal won't refund a Twitch troll's $50,000 in donations :D

    @Yoshii, From what i have heard from some twitch streamers is that most if not all charge backs that are challenged by the streamer gets dissapproved by paypal and the streamer gets to keep the money. Most of the ones that get charged back succesfully are because there was no formal challenge to it.
  24. melander

    League of Legends admits to using chat-log analysis in employee reviews

    I dont think i could facepalm hard enough to express my feelings on these clearly very hyper high end premium hiring/review practices, That will sure as shit not back fire or foster a non-functional carebear atmosphere that ignores reality completely, yay!
  25. melander

    Info: Mindark Annual Report 2015

    Rookie mistake mentioning bitcoin, billairboy :D. Now let the debate begin a new for the 465345235th time. On a slightly more on topic question, MA recently licensed the EU platform to that Casino game(cant remember the name right now) this does not seem to be mentioned in the report from...