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    ATH: 46137 PED Proteron Old

    LOL @ some PMs (ty píčo xDD ) big gratz, well deserved i believe spend those money wisely
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    Info: Latest VU and Installation Files Here

    had them all downloaded but last (bold one) wasnt there or so, while ago i downloaded it.
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    Info: Latest VU and Installation Files Here

    Update_11.0.1.45891- - 10.7 MB<--- Latest Patch VU 11.0.2 -- 2010/04/09 is missing? EDIT: Downloaded, but was showing me 404 (file missing) thanks for great work dandy
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    ATH: 95k Lysterium

    hey kozi :) youre priest and fucker, and probably im more drunk than you are. needless to say fuck you as i said ingame,i hope you enjoy this one for long long time,and score few more :)))
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    Achievement: Two months of hard work

    haha i wish u were right :)
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    Achievement: Two months of hard work

    Hello! after two months of hunting ive got this like 15 minutes ago :) Click to enlarge it is not big achievement i know,but at least something that kept me going :) lets see what now :)
  7. 50 Agility :)

    50 Agility :)

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    Algarve 2010 Meeting - Utopia & Friends

    thanks for great report paulo,it is very nice to see some people i talk to every day :)
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    Network problems

    .!.. I think this is the anwer to the players fu!!! doing lot of profits and not able get suitable servers for us so we can hunt without fear nor getting ur skillpoints lost? really lame..
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    EU down?

    hmmm now getting internal error detected on this avatar bug. does that means servers are restarting ?
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    EU down?

    i would agree that someone at MA/FPC office just woke up in bad mood from hard weekend :)
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    EU down?

    and again there we goooo! server room blowed up or something?
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    EU down?

    just got back lol sry for early post everyone,but if this should be problem of my connection,i need fix em asap :) gl everyone
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    EU down?

    ok so im not alone,lets have a party. anyone bringin in few beers? :)
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    EU down?

    hello is eu down for anyone else or it is my fault somewhere? i came to PA mall and crashed,cant log in and cannot acess website aswell.thanks :) was working fine untill now. Apparently im not alone afaik now. Any weather report from amsterdam? :)
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    Lost & Found?

    found fap on cnd aswell,i hope it wasnt hulks one as he was fapping emw ;)
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    Program DTBGUR "Do This Bug and Get U Rich"

    is this way how items used to be duped?
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    im atm in middle of hunt,but i drop you PM in hour or two,will check it :)

    im atm in middle of hunt,but i drop you PM in hour or two,will check it :)
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    Selling: HL12 L below auction %-single or bulk deal

    whats tt of all hl12s u have atm,and what discount are we talking about if i take them all? :)
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    Selling: Riker UL3 unlimited

    hi tt+500 message too short
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    Selling: Unlimited LR63 ready for tiering

    look at ur threads dude and then speak about long novels...:nutkick: very nice weapon,good luck with sale :) bump
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    HoF: 422 ped Proteron Hof/Isis BL1300 (L) full tt :)

    gratz on nice loot,but where is uber?
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    Buying: 10x Imk2's

    good luck making 1 gun out of 10 others :)
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    Tamn's CND & PVP4 Mining Blog

    i saw you running with your orefinder and singing jingle bombs. man you cant lie to community anymore :)
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    Imp Medic for Hire!

    which mobs doesnt include under most mobs category? :)