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    Famous Entropians

    Crafting Arbers since day 1 ;-)
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    Buying: buying Ares Head

    Where is it? Who has it? cmon cmon I want it
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    FYI: Top Avatars in Entropia (2012)

    I should b on this list, just because.... :)
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    Question: Will the real Leeloo please stand up!

    Ah the good old days eh Leeloo ;)
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    Info: Who's waiting on a withdrawal?

    Woo hooo committed today, 45 days, Thanks MA :yay::yay:
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    Selling: Oreamp 103 (L) and Oreamp 105 (L)

    Selling Oreamp Oa 103 (L) 108.77% <- Giving away your ATH miniMe? Free Bump ;)
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    Info: Who's waiting on a withdrawal?

    Still pending, Im afraid :rolleyes:
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    Info: Who's waiting on a withdrawal?

    Tick tock tick tock still waiting :)
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    Proteron Eye

    What are these worth these days? I have one if any one is interested in it
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    Info: Who's waiting on a withdrawal?

    Just me then? Good to know should get it a lot quicker
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    Info: Who's waiting on a withdrawal?

    Would be interesting to know who is waiting on a withdrawal so we can see how many are queued up. Lets just make a list with names, date of withdrawal. Turnsleft 19/09/2010
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    Question: What about your withdrawal

    Sad to hear this after so many years. I just withdrew 150k ped last week does that mean Im gonna have to wait till gone X-Mas? I always knew the first withdrawal was slow, my last couple have been only a couple of weeks to get from request to account. Come on MA u can do it, see it as a quest ;-)
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    Apple Macs and EU

    Thanks guys, yeah dual boot was an option, keep the suggestions coming
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    Apple Macs and EU

    Any bright sparks out there managed to get EU running on anything Apple related? Im looking at a Mac book Pro for developing Apps, dont see a need for 2 machines, anyone clever enough to figure something out?
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    ATH: My first ATH and a big one

    Well done u've joined the world wide Top 10 crafting ATH'ers ;-) Should b a club.!!
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    ATH: Arbers, what a waste of ped

    rofl Why would u buy a wife? There bad enough when u find a free one.!!!!
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    StoiCobra Hunting Service

    Come on Stoi or Cobra wake up and answer my post..!!!! :yay::yay::yay:
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    ATH: Arbers, what a waste of ped

    Yeah ur right Shoti, I was thinking about one saying "Gone Fishing, back in a year" ;)
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    StoiCobra Hunting Service

    250 Dasps (Dome 16). Next Fri night or possibly Sunday, minimal breaks. I wanna be in and out in as few hours as possible. With the rate of kill last time out I'd like to speed things up, can I suggest a 3rd shooter? Freyr as he's a friend.! Also fappers, that Im willing to pay for, just to...
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    ATH: Arbers, what a waste of ped

    RL Pay off my Visa card, get a new bathroom window and have a bloody good holiday ;)
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    ATH: Arbers, what a waste of ped

    ah yeah where's my pic? Someone help pls Sorted with a link sorry
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    ATH: Arbers, what a waste of ped

    lol hey Rip long time, Im always leaving ;-)
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    ATH: Arbers, what a waste of ped Well chipped all my crafting skills out and look what happens, thought last weeks 33k was the best I could do with Arbers. This is the 3rd ATH on this BP.! The first was to John Riot Harfouche when he borrowed it back in Jan...
  24. Turns Ath

    Turns Ath

    Arber ATH
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    Further Maintenance Delay

    Where's the back up tape? Throw it in, lets go, go, go :yay::yay: