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    Morbid Angels - Recruiting

    Hey :) (im Dragonslayer and just joined Morbid Angels) And i just whant to say its great! ;)
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    163 peds atrax dominant

    Grats :dunce:
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    globalz! =)

    Grats to all your globals :dunce:
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    Feffoid global

    Grats :dunce:
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    Is It True

    A long time ago when i started playing PE i got an axe from my mentor to go out and skill. So i found a nice guy to hunt whit...and tada tada we got an HoF on 2333 PED (Atrox mature). Then 3 days later i whent out for a molisk hunt whit another freind and tada tada! we got an HoF on 1444 PED...
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    Do you pray to .... for a HOF ?

    Lootius :bowdown:
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    79ped First Crafting Global :)

    Grats Dude :dunce:
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    what armour should I buy?

    You Should get Vigiliant or Paladin :tongue2:
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    679 ped Umbranoid worker ;)

    Nice one Grats :dunce:
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    2Cornu's and a Lyst global

    Grats to all Your Globals :dunce:
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    what armour should I buy?

    Welcome Anderson :dunce:
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    People's Best Loots

    Item:GSI :D Time played:1,1 year :tongue2:
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    What do you miss from old PE?

    I miss the loot :rolleyes:
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    Flights between Club NEVERDIE and Space Station ?

    Yeah that would be cool! :tongue2:
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    Looking for soc!

    Hey I´m looking for a nice hunting soc that do many team hunts and stuff :) I got a total skill of 14126 (i know not so much) but i hope there´s a nice soc out there somewhere that can accept me :dunce:
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    Running global 141 PED

    Grats Dude :dunce:
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    What do you do most ingame?

    I´m Hunting/Mining :)
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    Do you hate non-depositers?

    I have Nothing againts non-depositer becuse im almost one my self :rolleyes:
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    Comment by 'rubenmannen' in media '800+ped allo'

    is tentacel used for making DNA? :)