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  1. Bagman

    Info: Uprising Event - 2020

    Hi MrFatBoy Possibly.... I ran a few events back in the orange jumpsuit days... does this look familiar, if yes, then I can confirm the mayhem and fun was my doing. (image slightly embellished but still...
  2. Bagman

    Info: Uprising Event - 2020

    I'll be adding some special prizes and give aways in game... but looks like no one wants free ped. Pretty sad state of affairs... 50 players sweating at Boreas and yet there is a player giving ped away and no one raises a hand... Might just stick the money into deeds and watch the trickle feed...
  3. Bagman

    Info: Uprising Event - 2020

    G'day Everyone I have returned to a game I loved after an absence due to pursuing and accomplishing a real world dream. This is an event that was so successful we only hold it every 12 years :P Uprising Event II - 2020 So I am looking for interest in an event with maybe 20 new players max...
  4. Bagman

    Had a look around today and helped a few noobs... Old Legends helping new and upcoming :)

    Had a look around today and helped a few noobs... Old Legends helping new and upcoming :)
  5. Bagman


    Hi Fellow Avatars Its been a while since I jumped on here but find myself just The universe used to be filled with such wonder and excitement when a player landed on calypso. A real life individual would find themselves transported to a virtual world with only an orange two piece and a...
  6. Bagman

    Famous Entropians Part II

    Bagman Lives G'day Community Yes, the vicious rumours are true and possible sightings correct, I am in game again. :eyecrazy: Why? Well, I was informed that the loot issue was fixed whereby you can make a profit each day, its casual wear everyday not just Fridays and that when the long term...
  7. Bagman


    Lol, yes yes seen it and first to bid...but this was about another issue connected with this.... It should be mandatory that players get an account here.... its like the 'Planets Most Wanted' trying to chase and track players down in game if they are not on ur FL! Cheers again Bags
  8. Bagman


    Gday All Just trying to track down an ava - JamesBond67 JamesBond67 JamesBond67 but doesnt look like they have an account on here. If someone knows him (or her...u never know!) can u please let them know I am looking for them to discuss a trade. Many thanks and have some luck out there...
  9. Bagman

    Servers Are Down

    09.15UTC by my watch and still no go??? I am missing something? Bags
  10. Bagman

    ***WoF 2011 RULES and Info***

    Late Entries - Rule Change/Amendment Gday Hurri, Have the changes to late entry been made for next year and can these please be made public well in advance so there are no tears from those who expect another cake walk through due to the fact that they cant get their shit squared away. :mad: I...
  11. Bagman

    Buying: Shadow Thighs UL (M) any tier (SPECIAL NOTE FOR BURNSEY)

    Gday All, Looking to buy nice shiny Shadow Thighs UL (Male). Current Tier is not an issue, future tier rates may well be. No rush to buy but can purchase when ready. Sensible sale prices will be well viewed, price gougers can seek entertainment elsewhere. SPECIAL NOTE: Burnsey - Drop me a...
  12. Bagman

    Nd bank manager - contact me urgent

    Hi Bank Manager of Bank Neverdie, Please contact me ASAP please. Cheers Bags
  13. Bagman

    Buying: Shadow and martial armour parts (m)

    G'day Skippie, Cheers for the heads up. Yeah I am in contact concerning the harness but his inbox is full so left a note on his for sale item post. Morgan, I will login later tonight and check the auction for the feet, thanks for the tip. Dr DC, Looked at shadow items - nice and only found...
  14. Bagman

    Help: New, unsure, lost or just need a trusty friend?

    A bump so that new forum users can direct any requests for assistance to me! See you all in-game. Bags :cool:
  15. Bagman

    Selling: Shadow Harness (M)

    TT+7K and you need to clear your inbox mate!!! Bags
  16. Bagman

    Buying: Shadow and martial armour parts (m)

    Gday All, Looking for the following unlimited items: SHADOW/MARTIAL ARMS (M) SHADOW/MARTIAL THIGHS (M) SHADOW/MARTIAL FEET (M) SHADOW/MARTIAL HARNESS (M) Please contact me with your best prices with preference to Shadow over Martial but will entertain any Martial offers. Bags
  17. Bagman

    Help: New, unsure, lost or just need a trusty friend?

    Hi MS9 I was just dusting off the storybook to help the newer colonists who may not search the forums so much a bit of a hint of who is who out there. With an influx of new players we always tend to get the greedy and less than honourable ones arrive who decide that they will prey on players...
  18. Bagman

    Help: New, unsure, lost or just need a trusty friend?

    New Colonists, There was once a tale of a tall (well tall'ish) man that roamed the planet in search of fulfilment. Few of the planets citizens had not met this generous figure, fewer still had not been helped by this individual who had become a legend among new arrivals on such a harsh and...
  19. Bagman

    Attention All Australians

    Gday All, Work is being a bitch at present so I will update this all very very soon - promise... PLEASE FORGIVE ME!!! :cry:
  20. Bagman

    FYI: Today i felt like lucky noob.

    How could I refuse when someone with a profile like that comes up to you? I am still a man! Lol, seriously just helping the newer players out and please keep the line orderly and no pushing in! Bags :cool:
  21. Bagman

    Selling: QR100% BP for Reilly Boots

    Simple and very lucrative BP must be sold off to pay for drink tab from Fort Fury Bar and the strippers for my 21st birthday 6 months ago. MU currently around TT+2100-2200, all sensible, realistic and fair offers for such an item will be considered. A lot, no a huge amount of work went into...
  22. Bagman

    Selling: Shadow Harness (M)

    Current MU on Harness please? How quick is your need to sell? Cheers Me :D
  23. Bagman

    Community Recognition Award Armor

    There are many that roam the planet doing good deeds and even more that have benefited from such work. Ask a number of new players and check their friends list and I am sure so regular names would pop up. Does a piece of armour that gets traded when times get tough really reflect the attributes...
  24. Bagman

    Content 11.3.0 RELEASE

    Dear Interstellar Shipping Company, I have documented instructions for my new toys and their delivery: * Please deliver my boat to the temporary mooring off Bilton Tower 1 * Please have the VTOL land in the space cleared on Bilton Tower 1 roof top, be careful not to scorch the residents...