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    Monitor the Top Ten in the Battle Simulator

    I think MA should just record your Avatar full time Lethal, that way they would have caught you scamming me ! (And Others) Sounds like a better idea to me!
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    Selling: 183k Skills (Hunting)

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    Selling: 183k Skills (Hunting)

    Selling 183k Hunting Skills, nothing is on ESI, would far prefer selling all in bulk for a discounted price! Contact me here only, as will only be in-game to sell skills!
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    Selling: [Eudoracell Pet] [Compet Deed]

    Eudoracell Level 7 2000 PED or best offer ! 14x Compet Deeds 120 PED Each or best offer !
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    Selling: Hermetic Ring Perfected / Gremlin Set / 5b Set / Neurostim B&C

    Gremlin Armor Set M SOLD Armor Plating Mark.5B Set of 7 SOLD 553 x Neurostim-B 161 x Neurostim-C Make an offer , I will sell under MU , basically just want everything gone by tomorrow ! Hermetic Ring Perfected is now on Auction SB 1000PED , BO 1500
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    Selling: [Overcharged Omegaton A204]

    Increase your DPP and DPS for the migration ! 17kish!
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    Selling: Ares Ring Modified

    Offer 5kped .. Seeing as not much difference from Imp and they are selling 1.3kped now.
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    Selling: Selling Summer ring 2016

    30k Since its Right Hand !
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    Imp Ares Ring Drop Frequency

    40kped has not magically vanished.. It's still on somebody's account to be withdrawn if not lost during game play.. If anything your theory proves opposite, as now any given person would have to deposit LESS to buy the same ring they wanted last week!
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    Buying: Mod/Aug Ares, Halloween Ring, MKI/II Sight/Scope

    How much are you paying for an augmented ares? I am considering selling out, so would have 1 for sale.
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    FYI: Vodkas 24 hour hunt /Friday 05/20 16:00 MA

    Hope you pop a nice hof ! How is it going so far ??
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    Hermetic perfected

    I just bought one for 2.3kped but will also never sell it. Age old story of cheapskates wanting to buy but don't want to pay, offer 1 - 1.5kped. It's so useful I wouldn't sell mine even for 5kped! But have seen a few sales in 2 - 2.5k range.
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    Selling: UL Guns, Armor, BP's & Land Areas

    It's not a grocery store neither is it a car dealer, they are his items that are available to anyone looking specifically.. I don't get what's hard to understand here. Make an offer if you want something, keep walking if you don't! Good to know that items are there available.. Shame no scopes!
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    Uber: Shadow Helmet (F) - 2 Cheeky Fellows

    Rule 156365.86 No discussing or displaying of private messages blah blah, please mod yourself.
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    Uber: Shadow Helmet (F) - 2 Cheeky Fellows

    I mean, gz!
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    Uber: Shadow Helmet (F) - 2 Cheeky Fellows

    You pair of queers!
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    Selling: Eudorian Lava Devil LVL 27 !

    What does it do?
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    Never play if u are sleepy ;)

    Would 104 amp be considered a rare item? Will be interesting to see if it pops up in loot!
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    Buying: augmented ares

    If you value your MK1 scope at 40k, you can buy my augmented at around 50-60kped slightly negotiable..
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    Buying: [Omegaton Ranger Scope Mk I] [Ares Ring Augmented]

    Buying these items :) Please let me know your price or trade. Items I could trade are Overcharged Omegaton A 204 and Modified Ares Ring.
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    Buying: Improved A-105

    Just put one on AH. Didn't see this thread my bad
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    Selling: Hermetic Ring Perfected

    Just going to stick a 1.9k offer here..
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    Selling: Top notch items (rings wep etc)

    Offer 40k on mk2 scope