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  1. LivingGod

    Welcome to the New AHR

    Tia Marie Live now!
  2. LivingGod

    Welcome to the New AHR

    Only 1½ hours before our newest Dj comes Live for her first time!! Give Tia a warm welcome :)
  3. LivingGod

    Welcome to the New AHR

    Good afternoon/evening everyone! This Saturday kl 2000 Mind Ark time, our newest Dj.. Tia Marie will come live on the radio! Located presently on Arkadia, She will be in Celeste Quarry for any wishes or if you just wish to speak with her! Come and join her for her first time on the air on...
  4. LivingGod

    New York Rose Walk on!

    New York Rose will be dual streaming tonight to test the waters on both sides for possible new Dj's etc to stream for Entropia's Original Radio Station! Contact her in game or messege her here for more details! Thanks for your time! T
  5. LivingGod

    Happy Weekend! :yay::yay: Great to be on the air on a Friday! :yay::yay:
  6. LivingGod

    Shaolin: 15th Anniversary

    Salutations Happy Birthday! May your 15th year bring you as much luck as mine did!
  7. LivingGod

    I was on...

    Watch out! Its time for HAPPY HOUR!!!! New York Rose Live! Happy Weekend Everyone!:yay:
  8. LivingGod

    I was on...

    Hey will give it a look over trance.. thanks for listening
  9. LivingGod

    I was on...

    good to have you back Rose dedication to the longest running radio station in entropia is awesome.. many try to copy or try to make it automated but nothing beats the original.. so here is to the best and fuck the rest..
  10. LivingGod

    Looking for a Rose.. of the New York Type

    NY Rose.. would you be kind enough to get in touch with me about getting back onto the universe's longest and only true radion station?!! Certain there are many that miss your happy hours besides me!
  11. LivingGod

    2 Fer Tuesday

    2 fer Tuesday! 2 Fer Tuesday is Live Now!
  12. LivingGod

    Obscured in Clouds

    Live now! Live now pics won't work
  13. LivingGod

    2 Fer Tuesday

    Live now!
  14. LivingGod

    2 Fer Tuesday

    2 fer Tuesday
  15. LivingGod

    Obscured in Clouds

  16. LivingGod

    2 Fer Tuesday

    2 great songs each artist back to back!
  17. LivingGod


    Some great music to bring joy to everyones Friday!
  18. LivingGod

    Obscured in Clouds

    Live now! Bringing "Obscured in Clouds" Live now from my apartment Omegaton Beta 8G! Come see how the ancient one lives while jamming to the tunes!
  19. LivingGod

    2 Fer Tiuesday

    Live on Atlas Haven Radio, 2 great songs each artist!
  20. LivingGod

    Obscured in Clouds

    Classic Rock, Comedy, and a full album of Floyd a week.. That is "Obscured in Clouds"
  21. LivingGod

    Valentine's Day Event

    Niiiice <3 An awsome valentines day show direct from AHR to you! Spread the love
  22. LivingGod

    David Westmoreland Live!

    Awsome Album of the week is: Wish you were here!!
  23. LivingGod

    David Westmoreland Rocking 2 Fer Tuesday!

    Woot Thanks Rose always a pleasure
  24. LivingGod

    :) Been having a blast all night long! The songs just keep on flowing! Tune into the greatest of all EU stations, the one, the original.. Atlas Haven Radio! anything else is just a copy
  25. LivingGod

    Info: Tuesday Program On Atlas Haven Radio

    Talented Djs Thanks to all the listeners that come and give support to the talented Dj's on AHR. We have a super team which continues to surprise me every day. Great things coming from the best station in the universe, stay tuned and keep on dancing!