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  1. TumiTimeless

    Achievement: Level 100 (and beyond)

    Congratulations Evey. Well earned.
  2. TumiTimeless

    Loot lag getting worse on NI (anyone else?)

    Caly too. Repair terminal just cost me 61.12p and repairs did not get done! Yes, Support Ticket created. Logging off til this is Fixed. No depo for at least a few days afterwards.
  3. TumiTimeless

    Question: How is the S0phi3 auto-loot unlocked?

    I learned the hard way... Pets with speedbuff need to be spawned and trained while you are running around. Pets with mining buff need to be spawned while you are excavating. Pets with auto loot...see above. Generally, pets need to be trained while your avatar is performing activities relevant to...
  4. TumiTimeless

    Question: Entropialife Down?

    Well, lbml down for a couple days... Don't have EL discord though
  5. TumiTimeless

    News: Preview of Upcoming Interface Changes

    Yay Ludwig! Yay Mindark! You really should have a overtime bonus.. Thank you for your post(s).
  6. TumiTimeless

    Change Calypso Space Port In to Athena (read details)

    Might be a new mall owner now... per SubZero on Discord. Dunno. Not speculating ?
  7. TumiTimeless

    Question: Efficiency of [Fire Forge DAR 9300, Modified] and [Omegaton A204, Hypercharged]?

    Per 711, wiki is running now. I haven't tried wep compare yet
  8. TumiTimeless

    I wanna buy keys

    Disturbance notice regarding VISA and Mastercard Deposits:
  9. TumiTimeless

    I have gas.

    I'm just glad spring is the season. Cause, hot air rises out the collar of my winter coats - stovepiping effects not fun !:-)
  10. TumiTimeless

    Can´t find my vehicle.

    You might look in Planet storage?
  11. TumiTimeless

    News: Disturbance notice regarding VISA and Mastercard Deposits

    knock, knock... Hello? ... .. . KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK ! ...Is anybody home? Originally posted, Yesterday at 7:03 PM How about a status report? Mission Critical i'd guess... wouldn't hurt to update status every few hours or so, 'ya know.
  12. TumiTimeless

    Question: When will we get buff-enhancers?

    Hmmm, like weapon buffs built into enhancers? Atk/min, crit hit, TIR buff, etc? Interesting. Hopefully not Avatar buffs built into weps enhancers though.
  13. TumiTimeless

    Suggestion: Docs Suggestions/WishList

    And, optionally, turn off those info boxes which popup as cursor hovers over an action icon. At least suppress them while any item is equipped in Avatar hands.
  14. TumiTimeless

    Undo on sticky notes & Searchable message center

    Agree, and please move the 'delete icon away from the 'open sticky' icon ?
  15. TumiTimeless

    Legends' Hunting Blog!

    Congratulations Legends. Congratulations ??
  16. TumiTimeless

    Entropia Universe 17.6.1 Release Notes

    Would be nice if MA implemented this in advance of a speedy activation of those long-promised cargo/freight services for space ship owners. Well, it would be nice...
  17. TumiTimeless

    FYI: Easter mayhem 2021 and ring 2021

    Yes, this! Or, at least an avatar attachment for necklace looted or BP, buffs and nobuffs watch, same options headlamp, jetpack, same options Alas, would be best of all if existing issues are corrected and official announcements were made stating "end -of-life" for BPs items missions, etc...
  18. TumiTimeless

    FYI: Crafting Strongbox Keys

    Thank you Bella
  19. TumiTimeless

    Selling: Turrelion Outerwear clothes (SOLD)

    Ign Tumi Tumi Timeless
  20. TumiTimeless

    Selling: Turrelion Outerwear clothes (SOLD)

    I'll take both M pieces at 75p each Pls PM ingame
  21. TumiTimeless

    Robot Offensive Map

    Thank you so much! +Rep