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  1. jaydub

    Info: Highest known Intelligence in Entropia

    112 intelligence - Victor brick vonn Additionally have I think 2000 intelligence attribute tokens in storage 😀 Can provide screenshot if necessary
  2. jaydub

    Info: Highest Known Strength In Entropia (Flex)

    Strength 136 - Victor brick vonn
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  4. jaydub

    Meta Codex

  5. 20230116_151816_remastered.jpg


  6. jaydub

    Entropia Universe Unreal - Preview of HUD UI

    me 2 occasionally
  7. jaydub

    The Chain of Ascension - Chance to WIN 10k PED in a Day.

    Register Victor Brick Vonn
  8. jaydub

    News: New Treasure Island Deeds

    Don't know wth ur trying to say but how's bout we just cutoff ur index finger now...its only 1% of TBSA but well do an equivalent cut every 6 months no problem right? Brick
  9. jaydub

    News: New Treasure Island Deeds

    Yes this my question as well are CLD HOLDERS slowly getting carved out of value?
  10. jaydub

    FYI: IFN CHALLENGE BOUNTY @ Sanctuary Cove

    I have completed this bounty on Huon.
  11. jaydub

    I live in Arizona, just wondering if anyone else does ?

    According to Wikipedia from 2018 7.7 million people live in Arizona. Shouldn't be too hard to find someone if you get outside wander about a bit... ;):laugh::laugh:
  12. jaydub

    congratulations to messi

    We did that already and determined 76 items was a statistically impossible meal for one person to earn...its a great allegory but allegory without intellectual forethought is foolishness Brick
  13. jaydub

    Help: Petition to make VICEROY tradeable/auctionable

    Nope. No failure here. The more -1 I see the stronger my conviction on mod vice as a good investment. The preposterous nature of the idea of selling that armor to the TT shows how ludicrously butthurt nonowners are about the topic ?. It WILL get released from soul bound eventually. MA always...
  14. jaydub

    Help: Petition to make VICEROY tradeable/auctionable

    +1 - clearly all the -1 are current nonowners of the set almost exclusively...the +1 are a combination of current owners and nonowners...the market related to the mod vice chain could get a kick in the ass if ALL CURRENT sets were made tradable and they released an aug-perfected line that was...
  15. jaydub

    Info: Highest Known Strength In Entropia (Flex)

    you can put me in at 105...
  16. Entropia 2020-12-19 11.50.25.jpg

    Entropia 2020-12-19 11.50.25.jpg

    Strength 105
  17. jaydub

    Info: Attribute Gained Per Ped

    So still makes sense to sit on tokens until npc goes away
  18. jaydub

    10k bones mission for one agility point....

    this is my are we saying tokens still function 100=1 or do they fall into meta value?
  19. jaydub

    Info: Attribute Gained Per Ped

    Do tokens function independent still as originally intended? I.e. 100 tokens gives 1 point regardless of level?
  20. jaydub

    Is there not a 24 hour cool down on 5b and 6a plate upgrades on Crystal Palace?

    whenever upgrading a plate I have always had to wait 24 hours for the cooldown on upgrading plates has that changed? Brick
  21. jaydub

    MindArk's Statement Regarding Unauthorized Use of Official Items

    Swift... and reasonably appropriate. They didn't murder anyone for God's sake. A little prison time and reintroduction back to society and because we are a community it wouldn't be unreasonable to ask for Arkadia Studios to explain their involvement and for all avatars involved to submit...
  22. jaydub

    Gaia's Cradle Shed Shopkeeper

    Ametrine I saw that you bought an ametrine for TT some years back...what did you ever do with that? Brick PS: your inbox is full :)
  23. jaydub

    EntropiaInvest Crazy Bonus: 4000 Ped Apartments For Lucky Few

    Register Victor Brick Vonn
  24. jaydub

    Zip's weekly ongoing 30% backtax event!

    Victor Brick Vonn Victor Brick Vonn