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  1. Twiffo

    Takuta Plateau LG 28 Nov 2022

    Looks like so much fun! Absolutely the best part of Entropia. :sniper:
  2. Twiffo

    Selling: Christmas Ring 2022 (SOLD)

    Taking offers on Christmas Ring 2022. UPDATE: The ring has been sold.
  3. xmasring2022.JPG


  4. Twiffo

    Selling: Weakened Power Crystal

  5. Twiffo

    Selling: Weakened Power Crystal

    I bid 300 ped.
  6. Twiffo

    Suggestion: Sick of bots

    Step 4 take botter to lootable pvp
  7. Twiffo

    Easter Mayhem 2022

  8. Twiffo

    Suggestion: Sick of bots

    New use case for creature control pills? :)
  9. Twiffo

    Gold rush rules problematics (Arkadia)

    I don't know the exact clue but i think it had something to do with the statues. I've noticed that the glass dome of the statues lights up when the boss is spawned and it's indicating the location of the boss. The lights won't go out though so you have to keep track which dome was already lit.
  10. Twiffo

    Info: Two Exploits in Lootable PVP to help you survive until MA fixes them!

    I reported this to MA almost a year ago and I guess it's still not fixed :confused:
  11. Twiffo

    Let's Help MindArk Improve PvP - Idea Thread

    Like Vandal, Theocles and many others, I'm also very passionate about pvp. I did a lot of pvp in around 2008 (Dawn Daemons Rises and Dawn Daemons socs) and it was so much fun back then. There was really nothing else for me in the game. And there was a lot more people doing pvp as well. I was...
  12. Twiffo

    Ah the good old days!

    ter won a protype test rocket from an event and tried it in twin peaks octagon. Everyone was killed so fast I only got a pic from the revival.
  13. test xxx.jpg

    test xxx.jpg

    Prototype Rocket Launcher XXX testing
  14. Twiffo

    Ah the good old days!

    Oil Rig had some mob trains back then as well. No vehicles though.
  15. oilrigmobtrain.jpg


    Old Rig
  16. Twiffo

    Ah the good old days!

    The old Land Grabs were great :) We even won some lands:
  17. lgwin2.jpg


    Old LG win
  18. lg3.jpg


    Old LG
  19. lg.jpg


    Old LG
  20. lg2.jpg


    Old LG
  21. Twiffo

    Selling: [A&P Series Mayhem BC-30, Modified] tier 2.99 (sold)

    Sold to SuperFly for tt+22k
  22. Twiffo

    Selling: [A&P Series Mayhem BC-30, Modified] tier 2.99 (sold)

    Bump. BO added. Will be sold to the highest offer in couple of days if no one takes the BO.
  23. Twiffo

    Selling: [A&P Series Mayhem BC-30, Modified] tier 2.99 (sold)

    I have not set a BO yet but the highest offer at the moment is +22k. This is not an auction.
  24. Twiffo

    Selling: [A&P Series Mayhem BC-30, Modified] tier 2.99 (sold)

    Weekend bump. I have received some pretty good offers but let's see if there's more interest.