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    Compiled help for issues or errors installing VU10.0 client

    i have an error I got a new error and I cant find any answers anwhere.. Yesterday I had the software installed and could get to the new login screen, but the servers were still down. Today the servers are up and there is an update that has to be done before launching the game. My update will...
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    Question: Side by side configuration error!!

    Ty so much this worked for me and i have been trying different options posted here all day!! I so very excited now and I cant wait to get ingame!!! OMG!! THANK YOU!!
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    Question: Side by side configuration error!!

    error.. I still cant download the C++ Thing I can get to the microsoft website.. but when I click dowload for the software I get an error message saying Connection Inturrupted.. Anyone else getting this? I assume maybe the download site is too busy as I have checked my Proxy and Firewall...
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    Chest hair yes or no ???

    I think there should be chest hair ingame :) would make avatars more 'real'. I would not want to see a woman with a hairy chest though.... :eek: bad thoughts....
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    Haha Help!

    Hahaha, omg, it took me 4 hours of constant running to get my ass outta there.... I felt like a cat with a mouse, as soon as I think I was away, he'd chase me down and re-murder me :D In the end somebody else died, and I escaped when the Falx attacked him! .... Poor guy, he is probably still...
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    Haha Help!

    Im stuck right now at 22:45 MA time on October 1st at Genesis Amethera revival... a Falx is here and is constantly killing me, Skills are good but it is getting a little tiresome, if anyone can come to my rescue id appriciate it. thx, lmao :D
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    New Cryengine

    Well, I'm hoping you are all right and not being too optimistic... I first heard the Cryengine was due out mid summer 2008... Then fall 2008.... Its now almost winter and still only 1 VU... I'm hoping MA gives it to us soon... I'm really starting to get anxious :eek:
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    Planet Express (PE) Now Recruiting

    Take Me! Hi there, I'm interested in joining your Society. I advertise for Leeloo Mountain, and she has asked me if I wanted to apply :) I am very active in EU and also very knowledgeable... My ingame name is Douglas ivan Morgan. Hope to hear back from you soon :) :yay:
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    New Cryengine

    If anyone knows exactly when this new Cryengine is coming out, could you please let me know, those screenshots are such a tease...
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    Where are u ? I miss u

    Where are u ? I miss u
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    Leeloo's Beauty Workshop advertisers...

    Hello All, Just would like to comment on this situation.... I DO shout for Leeloo authentically, and I very much enjoy it. This Avatar who is 'bad-mouthing' Leeloo is not associated with her. Leeloo has always been very kind and generous, and willing to help anyone, and her advertisers are kind...
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    Hiya Leeloo I dont know why but my account is locked, sorry, i'm trying to figure out what is...

    Hiya Leeloo I dont know why but my account is locked, sorry, i'm trying to figure out what is going on... :( ill be back online as soon as i can :(