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  1. sonnenschein

    Selling: [TWEN Protector of the Empire Arm Guards (M)] SOLD

    like the topic says i sell [TWEN Protector of the Empire Arm Guards (M)] for my friend SB tt+15k BO is open , got a offer i could not rersist ;) the buffs that are missed at the moment are on the new years champagne and will be added to the armor in next patches ! will update the image if the...
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  4. twen protector.jpg

    twen protector.jpg

  5. sonnenschein

    Buying: Omegaton M2910 Got one

    lokking for a Omegaton M2910 pm with tier/tier rate/ price thx 4 deal and got one
  6. sonnenschein

    Buying: Bought

    M or F ? take it as bump :D
  7. sonnenschein

    Selling: Fun Set Grunt (F) price lowerd

    Sell a littel fun set Grunt armor (F) TT 2,76+5=7,76 ped
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  9. sonnenschein

    Selling: [Malachai Inferno, FEN Edition (F)]

    like the topic says i sell a [Malachai Inferno, FEN Edition (F)] , not many sunnglasses with red glasses in game ! SB: 800 BO: 1000
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  11. sonnenschein

    Selling: paneleon imp set (F) tier 4 SOLD

    sell as set : [Paneleon Spec Imperium Chest Guard (F)] 4.73 191/200 [Paneleon Spec Imperium Foot Guards (F)] 4.20 15/200 [Paneleon Spec Imperium Head Guard (F)] 4.29 80/200 [Paneleon Spec Imperium Hand Guards (F)] 4.20 46/200 [Paneleon Spec Imperium Arm Guards (F)] 4.64 191/200 [Paneleon Spec...