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    A Timeout? MA servers have had it now...

    same bug...
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    Am I getting scammed for 200K? Help please!

    Tbh, since i am one who remember and know peoples, about whom we speak here (and was forced to lost a lot of peds cause this accident due coowned items)- as far i know, there never was any statement or proofs was given from MA about them, i know for fact one of avatars who got locked here wasnt...
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    Am I getting scammed for 200K? Help please!

    I was one who traded with Jolana, dont know about others. MA didnt mentioned what i breaked (tbh i am 100% sure i didnt break anything in EULA), but they told next time i will violate EULA i will be baned pernamently. If you ask me, i dont feel particulary happy after such conclusion.... I...
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    Am I getting scammed for 200K? Help please!

    I didnt got any mod merc, shadow or whatver you having in mind. Yes i got my imk2 back from person who was locked some time ago and there was not anything like sorry or so. I was told to wait, till its sorted out and i was waiting. I also got promise to get compensation if i not gonna get my...
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    Am I getting scammed for 200K? Help please!

    Personaly I hardly find reason "internal investigation" normal. You should explained to me why you locked me. And i dont need to play private investigator or find out from forums real reason why i was locked. It wasnt so hard to explain - you got items from peoples who are under internal...
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    Am I getting scammed for 200K? Help please!

    Since i am IT related person, i can say for sure, such scenario are posible only if someone are totaly clueless whan operating with databases or it was done for purpose. And answer to guy who asked about 3 imk2 or so - no, noone lended me imk2, i took back mine which one i rented some time ago...
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    Am I getting scammed for 200K? Help please!

    Have no clue, and tbh - i dont care ,if MA has some old fight with someone going on. Even more, there was no any MA statement about some items beeing illegal or trades with some peoples beeing illegal. I agree - scams or stolen items must be returned to theyr owners, but i hardly believe thats...
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    Am I getting scammed for 200K? Help please!

    Yes, please.. cause i am prey much sure, only MA know what all this about. You must be from MA then. Cause only thing i know for sure - a lot of peoples are locked for about month just because MA doing some kind of INTERNAL investigation about some kind of exploit.
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    Am I getting scammed for 200K? Help please!

    Hey! I am active miner and and definetly not trader or banker or LA owner. I was locked around month ago shortly after VU 10 with explanation - internal investigation. Question - why i need to suffer from INTERNAL investigation? Yes i took gun, fap and some armor to hunt in SGA from old...
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    PETITION for Miners ...

    Maris Morse Rubins
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    FYI: Skillgain mining, ALL of it.

    Gratz for your job, but sadly nothing in EU are 100%, as you trying to say accourding skilgains :D Average hitrate in long term run will be around 30 +/-%, doesnt matter what theory you use :laugh:
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    FYI: You asked for my hitrate

    Ofcourse you wont, cause you arnt sure. Specialy if you getting kinda low or average hit rate % by using almost flawless system, at least you told so :D I got few runs with 40% hitrate w/o using anything special or bothering about skillgain exept MS. Just bombing my regular mining fields. But it...
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    FYI: You asked for my hitrate

    Those are prety much common hitrates. 20%-30% are kinda common thing. Such hitrates you can get if you just run blindly and bombs every 100m. No need for deep theories here. I am not sayin skill gains means nothing, i am just curios, how do you know which DIRECTION to go,after you got skillgain...
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    Outback land 61 (Shinook River) - Input wanted!

    1. Forget about making land for miners AND hunters. Else its miners OR hunters. Myth about miners mining, cause you can find something rare/good or whatever shit, when a lot of mobs or even few, but very agressive are around, are realy myth. As i already mentioned in one of LA topics, miners...
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    Info: Sircus´s insane mining trips

    Like it was something new :yay::D:yay: No wonder i know more pplz who got towers or ATHs during disciple period or a bit after, as peoples who got same success from lvl 50+ prospectors. :D So take your chance - go for your ATh :D
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    LA NE of Segna Forest, please get rid of those Merps

    I realy doubt income from merp hunting will beat mining in that area, doesnt matter what density. Merps are mostly hunted with low end or average hunters, who dont burn insane amounts of ammo per day, when snowland due to zand and adomasite are mined by miners with good finders and 103-104 OA...
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    Comment by 'Morss' in media '@lfex - Global #380'

    Agree, anoying tbh :mad:
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    Has anybody bought mining maps

    Kinda same. Best in my life was 40%, but its only once. mostly its 20-35% (non CND mining) range. Best amount of claims in a row... i think 10. Mostly its 3-5. Getting 6-7 i consider as good payback day and luck. Even such "events" happens very rare and does nothing with mining fields and...
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    Has anybody bought mining maps

    Speaking about deposit sizes, 20+ hit veins, minerals deep and other crap, makes me think all that thing is just idea how to lure out 20 usd from peoples, who has no clue what and where to do. Atm more or less valuable information are what minerals spawn in current zone. And such information...
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    I am just laizy writer :)

    I am just laizy writer :)
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    Question: Events for miners?

    Marco commented on this after the Merry Mahem event. That comment prety much indicates MA attitude. But also, we all can see how much effort and balancing are spent in hunting stuff and how...
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    Fellow miners!!

    Maybe not shadow harness, but i realy would love to win some jaguar armor part, due its weight. In mining weight is kinda important, you know.... Also Marco's answer, sounds like poor excuse: Ofcourse hunting are more popular, cause its way more developed. Put some development effort in mining...
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    Fellow miners!!

    Tbh, such competitions are more for peoples who know and love to make videos, it does nothing with mining.
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    Question: Cheating in Mayhem?

    Chiping down from 70+ (droping out some rifle/HG/LWT/BLP cant cost much anyway) level to like 67-68, with having uber equipment most likely will give best chances anyway, even over "teams" or so. Since only HIT are counted in. Having a lot of HP and decend DMG easily compensates some lose in...
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    EBN: RDI searching for new robot technology

    15 armor sets, 7 armor parts each = 105 pieces Just make 105 special items drop - every item (make 7 different) means some of armor part. Split damn sets and bigest % of peoples will be happy. You loot something - you know for sure - you have some nice armor part. Cause at current situation...