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  1. _ranegade_

    Little Big Mining Log - Miners Tool (OCR)

    bump for this question
  2. _ranegade_

    How many shots missed with your maxed gun?

    on my maxxed HL 11 (L) is hit rate 89%-91%
  3. _ranegade_

    Lost & Found?

    i have found this also at akuuml TP.
  4. Bug


    i found this at akmuul TP.
  5. Bug


    i found this at akmuul TP.
  6. Bug


    i found this at akmuul TP.
  7. Bug


    i found this at akmuul TP.
  8. _ranegade_

    Entropia Tracker Client (1.9) avalible

    Thanks mate that fixed my problem ;) thank you
  9. _ranegade_

    Entropia Tracker Client (1.9) avalible

    new version of tracker still takes black screenshots
  10. _ranegade_

    EntropiaTracker Official Thread

    i have the same problem. when software take screenshot the picture in black
  11. _ranegade_

    Coming back after 1 year break

    welcome back
  12. _ranegade_

    "Internal Error detected on this Avatar"

    i had this internal error yesterday. I got this replay from MA: 2010-03-11 18:31 Entropia Universe Support: Hi, Thank you for your report. Due to some technical difficulties one server went down unexpectedly. It's now up and running again and we kindly ask you to try to log in again...
  13. _ranegade_

    Happy Birthday LOOSER

    i will tell her ;) no she doesn't play
  14. _ranegade_

    Happy Birthday LOOSER

    happy birthday looser you have birthday on the same day as my girlfriend ;)
  15. _ranegade_

    EU Locations - New NeoMap?

    you download link is broken
  16. _ranegade_

    marry christmas to you to calli ;)

    marry christmas to you to calli ;)
  17. _ranegade_

    1200 peds atrox valley 19/12

    are teams alowed?
  18. _ranegade_

    Disappearing globals

    in my case i think it only deleted old globals - globals from beginning
  19. _ranegade_

    Disappearing globals

    today i saw that some of my globals are missing to on starfinder please responde to this thread regards, Ales
  20. _ranegade_

    trox 2967 PED with a twist

    Congratulations man . really nice UBER HOF :wtg:
  21. _ranegade_

    Version Update 10.2 Content List

    where are quest or. mission? they areny implemented?
  22. _ranegade_

    HoF: Ranegade's first HOF ever

    Thank you all. good luck all. regards
  23. _ranegade_

    HoF: Ranegade's first HOF ever

    Today after i login in the game - after 15 min of hunting atrox's i got this HOF Click to enlarge This is my first HOF since i play game. :yay: 5 min later i got another global.
  24. My First Hof

    My First Hof

    Atrox - 283 Ped- HOF
  25. _ranegade_

    I can't take this any more !!!

    i get disconnected from game every 15 min :confused: . Before this update i didn't have this problem :scratch2: