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  1. alfa-alfa

    Confirm box on compact button!

    It seems to me that many of us just won't live to see it. Maybe our children... Or our grandchildren.
  2. alfa-alfa

    Suggestion: Another way to sell vehicles...

    I have long suspected that the store owners wanted to bankrupt MA.
  3. alfa-alfa

    Loot tracker - Entropia Tally

    Any comments? Thank you.
  4. alfa-alfa

    Entrolympic Events 2022

  5. alfa-alfa

    Make it easier to trade in EU

    20*0.05=1.00 1.00-0.50-0.05=0.45 0.45/20.00=2.25% I sell in the trading terminal, not because I don't know the auction system. I sell because the paltry markup is not worth the risk of my lot not being sold. There's a surplus of goods on the market. And there will always be someone like you...
  6. alfa-alfa

    Make it easier to trade in EU

    Okay. Let's stop the possible development of a trading system for the sake of encouraging resale by newcomers. Not for the sake of encouraging knowledge and learning of the game, but just for the sake of reselling the loot? And one more point. Let's say you're right that markups will fall...
  7. alfa-alfa

    Make it easier to trade in EU

    Incredible shortsightedness! The size of the stack only determines how much of the final markup will be the amount of taxes. Don't confuse the nominal markup with the real markup that players end up getting. Do you want peds or nice markup numbers? Your race to the bottom is not observable in...
  8. alfa-alfa

    Make it easier to trade in EU

    Upgrading to UE is bullshit compared to reforming the trading system. Stackable items should be traded like Entropia Exchange. That would solve all the problems of lot sizes and commissions.
  9. alfa-alfa

    Suggestion: Make loot pill time stack!

    Have bots forgotten how to eat pills at regular intervals?
  10. alfa-alfa

    Suggestion: Use Old Concept to Streamline Interplanetary Travel Without Screwing Over Warp Ship Operators

    Our whole life is PVP. We are all working against each other in a financial competition. Robbery with firearms only difference is that it's more direct. And being looted is entirely optional. Oh shit...
  11. alfa-alfa

    Suggestion: Clean the game from Alts.

    Lol. The second line is a team with the same name as the avatar. You don't know much about how EntropiaLife works.
  12. alfa-alfa

    News: Preview of Upcoming Interface Changes

    Absolutely right. The current user interface has some kind of feeling that it was created by reptiloids for reptiloids.
  13. alfa-alfa

    News: Server Downtime for Release

    1.3 GB. This is most likely an auto-sorting inventory for user convenience.
  14. alfa-alfa

    News: Preview of Upcoming Interface Changes

    We should not expect MA to care about maintaining compatibility with third-party software. Instead, we should ask for the ability to save information from game screens as a text file.
  15. alfa-alfa

    Suggestion: PVP4 needs attention

    These two things do not contradict each other. It is necessary to implement both. I would also add a countdown before the start of the battle with the option to abandon the battle. ;)
  16. alfa-alfa

    Question: entropia didnt shut down properly error message

    Just delete the folder C:\ProgramData\entropia universe\public_users_data\crashes. That should help.
  17. alfa-alfa

    News: Planet Calypso Content Release 2021.0.1

    I don't understand why they had to remove Aegis Mound marker from my map and the maps of other players who explored it?
  18. alfa-alfa

    News: Preview of Upcoming Interface Changes

    Your measurements are incorrect. You are measuring during a factor that significantly affects performance. You should measure under "normal" conditions. Anyway, instead of a thousand words, I will also show pictures. 28 FPS 35 FPS (MU 125% ;) )
  19. Снимок экрана 2021-04-16 001621.jpg

    Снимок экрана 2021-04-16 001621.jpg

    FPS without HUD
  20. Снимок экрана 2021-04-16 001524.jpg

    Снимок экрана 2021-04-16 001524.jpg

    FPS with HUD
  21. alfa-alfa

    What the flying f' and how the all f's is this remotely acceptable?

    MA acknowledges the bug, but refuses compensation of losses. It would be interesting to know the answer to your support case. Would it be different from the answer in the link below? Strange politics | PlanetCalypsoForum
  22. alfa-alfa

    HEART RANK VI: no shrapnel back from heal + turret mob *VIDEO*

    They admit it was a mistake, but refuse to pay compensation to the victims.
  23. alfa-alfa

    Hire someone to regulate Rookie chat or get rid of it

    However, You're a smart man and should know what that means. One person's freedom ends where another person's freedom begins.
  24. alfa-alfa

    Suggestion: Prioritize fixing Cyrene - I'm done!

    That's a scummy answer. Existing missions will be deleted. And new ones will be added instead. Apparently, in about ten years they will be added.