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  1. RobBuona

    News: Easter Mayhem 2023

    Worse. Compets. :hammer:
  2. RobBuona

    Question: What was your biggest hunting global you got when you were a noob or relatively new.

    This one. Also looted a CLD token in 2012.
  3. RobBuona

    Price Check Improved Imperium armor

    Gotta love it...instead of people giving honest assessments, you have people throwing out numbers just to try to inflate the price. Artificially inflated prices have been a problem for years now...I almost think we need an unbiased committee to keep track of real valuations. Of course, even...
  4. RobBuona

    HoF: First ever tower.

    Hey, I see me on that board. :p I've had two towers so far, and oddly enough both have been on planet even though I've mined a fair bit indoors. Anyway, gratz on your first tower...they are nice surprises.
  5. RobBuona

    Suggestion: Add Blueprints for Limited Mindforce Amps

    I don't see any way to do that.
  6. RobBuona

    Suggestion: Add Blueprints for Limited Mindforce Amps

    Huh? 55-B and 85-B have most recent markups of 112% and 114%. Meanwhile, P20 has markup of 106-107%, but it's easy to find a crafter for them. And besides, it wouldn't make sense to pay more since the whole point is to offeset the higher markup you pay on certain chips. Plus, I'd like to craft...
  7. RobBuona

    Suggestion: Add Blueprints for Limited Mindforce Amps

    Mindforce has gotten more attention lately, which is great as it expands the number of options for hunters. The Mindforce equivalent to ArMatrix Extenders are limited Mindforce implants. The A series and B series Mindforce implants have 10% and 20% attachment deterioration, respectively. As it...
  8. RobBuona

    Question: Virtual Tycoon

    Thread is over 2 years old with no dev response. This app is clearly not a high priority.
  9. RobBuona

    Suggestion: Increase the TT value of MACE MK. 6 FEN

    51.9% efficiency? :hammer:
  10. RobBuona

    2FA and Entropia Pocket alternatives

    I’ve been using Google Authenticator for quite a while.
  11. RobBuona

    Info: Announcement and Q&A regarding the Eggs of Entropia

    I forgot about this, which was probably for the best...thanks for reminding me. :poop:
  12. RobBuona

    Wiki down?

    Not loading for me.
  13. RobBuona

    Suggestion: Damage enhancers

    You can find plenty of Pyrite amped, unless something changed recently.
  14. RobBuona

    News: Server Downtime for Release

    Vegetation optimization incoming.
  15. RobBuona

    Price Check LR-20 T 6.99

    This. I'm waiting for buyers to get that a weapon isn't worth a five-figure price tag just because it's a 2.0 weapon or whatever.
  16. RobBuona

    Suggestion: Future of Armatrix

    Great! As mentioned, weapons like BC-120, Sacrificial Dagger, etc. would still be the preferred choice for the year-round grinders. But those who want the absolute highest DPS could pay extra markup for that benefit. This could also drive even more activity during events since that’s when people...
  17. RobBuona

    Suggestion: Future of Armatrix

    Fully on board with this idea. Let’s see it! @Ludvig|MindArk
  18. RobBuona

    Suggestion: Spam

    No, I don’t want CBD gummies. And I don’t care how fast I can lose weight. Go away.
  19. RobBuona

    Missing Sleipnir with fuel.

    The “I am alive” shirt is oddly fitting in this particular situation…
  20. RobBuona

    Missing Sleipnir with fuel.

    At least you can move between planets without relying on space...oh wait.
  21. RobBuona

    Missing Sleipnir with fuel.

    Similar thing happened to me when I left Ark Moon, looks like around the same time. And of course, I received the exact same response from support. However, my Quad never re-appeared, and support closed my ticket... It doesn't even appear in my account page, either. It just went poof, into...
  22. RobBuona

    News: Halloween Mayhem 2022

    How about...Candy Corn. :hammer: