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  1. force

    ATH: Stormer is BACK on TRACK! ATH again! :D

    damn u got some luck there m8. Gratz
  2. force

    Uber: Niksarium Rich

    gratz and gl finding more off those rare towers..
  3. force

    Back On The ATH List

    Big Gratz from the force,
  4. force

    Where is my f*cking dunkel @ 4ealien blog

    when i was miner i find alot off dunkel BUT ONLY when it was unamped when amped i find nothing rare. maybe it was only me that only find it unamped dunno;) anyhow GL
  5. force

    Niflheim maxed

    impressive achievement :eyecrazy: will we se some tier upp in near future maybe :silly2:
  6. force

    FYI: Zaro's Ore Mining Log - Amped OA 103

    its tru but iff u like ATH more,;) 103 amp or bigger is much better. so stick to 103 amps iff u afford and it will come biggies. lose 5kpeds is nothing compared too the 50k ATH u know :silly2:
  7. force

    new setup file -

    and i get corrupt files and so one in login screen =( reinstalled it 3 times now
  8. force

    Uber: Joker's ATHs, Ubers and Looted Items

    nice hoffs, and i miss old times when i se the old pic :(
  9. force

    Achievement: Yess, my highest.....

    LOL:yay: and i love the skull:wtg:
  10. force

    MY 2nd UBER

    nice ones big gratz dude.:wtg::wtg:
  11. force

    Uber: Enormous XXII 3971 Peds Cald

    I wich u christmas tower;)
  12. force

    What work do you do IRL

    i am professional plastic repairer, i repair bumbers and stuff on cars, also make cars ready for painting =) i love my work:D
  13. force

    MINING Service

    looking great GL in future.;)
  14. force

    Question: Just wondering...

    i would love too say yes becouse i have hundreds off BP.s in my storage but the truth is they are whortless:(
  15. force

    WTF 2 ATHS in 1 week!

    im happy he got 2 ATH i can almost feel how happy he was and is.;) its always a reason why someone get it iff its the guy upp in the clouds or MA i dont know and dont care, and it will always be someone that is angry about someones happyness its same "ALL" games:) take a beer relax next day...
  16. force

    Comment by 'force' in media 'OMG agin'

    miss my old times:(
  17. force

    Ban the Above User!

    banned for writing bad words in robotic language:scratch2:
  18. force

    Question: how to fix this?

    try reinstall everything ni idea iff its the esyest but it worked for me im also using same 64 vista..
  19. force

    Post your New Computers!!!

    you dont realy need so much computer too handle this game. and its also wery sheap too build one iff they need better computers. im using amd phenom 9550 and HD 3850 and 4gb off ram and i can use highest settings 1680 X 1050 so u can probbly have even sheaper stuff too play at lower settings;)
  20. force

    Uber: Enma uber

    BIG Gratz sherry:wtg:
  21. force

    Is your rig Cryengine ready?

    ATI Radeon™ HD 3850 hope it works...:scratch2:
  22. force

    after 21 months i can post in this category!! W00000t! :D

    big grats too U. :wtg:
  23. force

    Uber: Petonium

    WOW nice find i newer found any big % ores hoffs:wtg:
  24. force

    Question: 64-bit Vista users

    im using windows vista ultimate x64 and its the best OS i ever used works 110% newer problems playing games etc etc
  25. force

    ATH: Ath hof, dasp young 103 342 ped

    whats the basic % and shit loads off Gratz:wtg: