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  1. bard119

    Goatts Mart, Deer Mall Floor 1 Shop 2

    Pets, mindforce chips, weapons, and a few assorted items. Currently stocking multiple stacks of output amplifier components under markup (149-150%). Restocking regularly when I am on Calypso. Deer Lake Mall, Floor 1, shop 2.
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    Deer Mall Map
  3. bard119

    If you had 20k PED to "invest" in the game right now, how would you spend it?

    1000 clicks on EP4 on full condition. Because I'm going to get two ATHs in a row! :hammer: :dunce: :dunce: :dunce:
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    gold ingot markup
  5. bard119

    Meta Codex

    😄 😄 😄
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    42 Life
  7. bard119

    using entropia pocket when you dont own a mobile phone ?

    Are you willing to bet your entire PED card and items that you will never fall victim to any type of security breach, ever? Keylogger, phishing attempt, server breach, someone watching you enter the password over your shoulder, or randomly guessing your password...
  8. bard119

    Suggestion: EU needs a VOIP system

    Yes, actually, I believe I looted a few from other creatures, but I don't remember which. I'm probably not the only one. I assume many other people have looted them too. I don't think they were that rare during the time when they were promoting the VOIP service.
  9. bard119

    Suggestion: EU needs a VOIP system

    The VOIP service wasn't popular at all. I remember back-to-back looting a pair of items hunting atrox, I don't remember the exact name. It was a 30-day premium VOIP card, and had no markup. I had TeamSpeak at the time, so I ended up TT'ing them.
  10. bard119

    Proof that picking up Common Dung improves loot

    New game strategy: Follow mobs around with a large supply of Ex-Lax, a roll of extra-large trash bags, and a giant pooper scooper :p
  11. bard119

    Question: Would you recommend the profession Whipper?

    Devo would highly recommend the whipper profession.
  12. bard119

    Question: Spam in PM

    'I ain't never seen your name in the hall of fame!' 😆
  13. bard119

    Question: Spam in PM

  14. bard119

    Question: Spam in PM

    Reply: Paying 10 ped/hr for a fapper... double if you can do it without using your hands 😆 Edit: And now I got spammed with a hooker-bot less than 5 minutes after posting. I wonder if it's a Rocktropia invasion? :unsure:
  15. bard119

    Suggestion: Menagerie system in EU

    If the Unreal update is going to be anything like the Cryengine update, pets should be removed and brought back in 2057.
  16. bard119

    Suggestion: Give buffs to high level texture skins

    Next up: Macho uber players seen donning pink Hello Kitty gear adorned with purple dicks hearts because it gives a small boost to DPS. 😆
  17. bard119

    First 100 people on ignore list !

    Did you add the auctioneer to ignore after getting a message that your items didn't sell? 😆
  18. bard119

    Suggestion: Forced 6-Hour Game-Break a Day

    That's a great idea! :sneaky: How about some more suggestions for preventing people from doing something foolish? - Limit the amount of stackables carried into space to 20 ped TT value. You know, to protect them. :sneaky: - Limit crafting EP4 to 20 clicks a day. :sneaky: - Limit people from...
  19. bard119

    Loot Theory 101

    I have a soc buddy who regularly announces in Discord that he's going on a 'bombing run' which means he's going to take a shit. He comes back and announces that he got a 'global' in the toilet, and the claim size (ample, sizable, massive, etc).
  20. bard119

    News: Omegaton Export Initiative

    Eomon Musk is Elon Musk if he was from Jamaica, mon!
  21. bard119

    Question: Weapon and armours

    There are plenty of weapons and armor. There are more choices now than there have ever been for L and UL at all price points. In addition to the vast number of unlimited weapons, armor, and faps for sale, on most planets, you can quest for them. As far as limited armor, most Limited armor...