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  1. Haruto Rat

    News: Server Downtime for Release

    "finished before I started paying attention", so less than 100 MB, possibly much less. I reckon the content was distributed earlier and now just enabled. (edit: I'm currently downloading only Caly/RT/Toulan though, so not sure about Cyrene/Ark/NI)
  2. Haruto Rat

    News: Server Downtime for Release

    Why do they call it Mayhem if it's in April? Also, I smell chicken and rice.
  3. Haruto Rat

    Another happy hour - bugs or intentional?

    The Official Excuse™ is that people making Huge Profits™ are withdrawing and then depositing again (via boxes) to make even more Huge Profits™. There is no way to verify it, barring access to their bank statements.
  4. Haruto Rat

    Entropia Universe 17.19.2 Release Notes

    They've been in Caly technician since June 2017, when gizmos/widgets were introduced. In the same update, they were also turned from non-SIB to SIB. Of course, no one cared about updating drop lists, so these three still drop from crafting, while e.g. Metal Plating BP doesn't.
  5. Haruto Rat

    Another happy hour - bugs or intentional?

    On a tangential note, this "occurence" is yet another reminder one should pay for things only according to their use value, and never ever based on rarity. Otherwise, you're going to experience quite some buyer's remorse when another 13 drop.
  6. Haruto Rat

    How do you guys make profit hunting vixens

    The secret ingredient to "profiting at a low level" is free electricity. /s
  7. Haruto Rat

    Another happy hour - bugs or intentional?

    The good news here is all this happened soon after 7 a.m. Gothenburg time, so MA must be getting up pretty early. :D
  8. Haruto Rat

    Entropia Universe 17.19.2 Release Notes

    You can't recycle blueprints that are available from a technician anywhere in the universe.
  9. Haruto Rat

    Question: Unscheduled Server Downtime ?

    There was an exploit in need of a fix. Some items not meant to be recyclable were, perhaps by omission.
  10. Haruto Rat

    Mining finder radius fake

    There's also that little inconvenient fact that your claim will never spawn on the other side of a server border. If it was all fake, the system would have no problem with that. (This is an old test however, and I'm currently on a planet that doesn't allow repeating it (on RT the only border...
  11. Haruto Rat

    News: Nanocube Changes

    Why would residue rise above 105...108 where it was just before the introduction of EP? There are ample opportunities to make it out of any cheap mineral. And there were cheap minerals when amps were expensive. It's hard to tell how use of L hunting gear compares to pre-EP era (probably lower)...
  12. Haruto Rat

    News: Nanocube Changes

    "Auto Sell" functionality of the crafting machine should be changed to "Auto Recycle". For those who want PED it will be two...three extra clicks but it will be much easier for those who want nanocubes.
  13. Haruto Rat

    Info: Leeloo's Mining Guide

    Nope. I've hit a 5 m deep deposit with a 253.8 m finder, which is more than -98% from the average.
  14. Haruto Rat

    Cold Fabric Blueprint

    In terms of added MU, Muscle Oil Compound B Blueprint, available from technician on Cyrene. Whether you'll be able to sell the product is another question.
  15. Haruto Rat

    News: Nanocube Changes

    mmm, my dear stack of animal oil residue. :D
  16. Haruto Rat

    Buy Textures from tt?

    Ceteris paribus (other things being equal), the cheapest textures MU-wise are usually whatever ore is at 101% (currently - niksarium). Two factors you need to consider are: - refining costs - the lower the unit tt, the higher those %-wise (because refining cost is based on the unit count); -...
  17. Haruto Rat

    Any plans for miners and TWEN?

    Short answer: I hope they don't. I still remember the "mining event" that coincided with the launch of EP. :D
  18. Haruto Rat

    Info: Let's talk about "happy hour"

    Dear MA, I don't give a rat's ass* about your robots but for the second day in a row, I can't find enough lowly blausariam to make me some lvl 3 so that I could throw more PED at you. Alternatively, I'd appreciate a D-Class blueprint. TIA, //Rat * because I use it to sit, you know :)
  19. Haruto Rat

    Info: Let's talk about "happy hour"

    – Is it true Rabinovich won a million at the lottery? – Not Rabinovich but Weissmann, not a million but five grand, not lottery but poker, and not won but lost, but otherwise it's all true!
  20. Haruto Rat


    This is an early alpha version of the Hunting Terminal. (which was already predicted by several observers, yours truly included, when the explosive projectile blueprints came out)
  21. Haruto Rat

    Is your item "stuck" and not ticking at all?

    It might be not that bad. The common tt rookie finder gains tiers at tremendous speed, like 0.15...0.25 every use (not even high TIR); however, the gains at t3 are about half of those at t0, not 1/8 of t0. Of course, this isn't necessarily relevant to UL items.
  22. Haruto Rat

    News: Server Downtime for Release

    That's good you guys can smell, it means you haven't caught the Fashionable Coof. :D
  23. Haruto Rat

    The elephant in the room

    Or perhaps it was proper marketing after all. People rush into pretty useless affairs if they believe they're Top Secret. I remember a guy in 2013 or 14 who found a way to repeatedly crash his Valkirie so he spent days crashing and repairing it... effectively, got him a perianal way to emulate...
  24. Haruto Rat

    Consolidated Rocktropia Guide and info

    Stage 2 (500 Foul) now rewards 10 ROCKStar Dust, instead of 250 Nova Fragment. Not sure which is more valuable though :D
  25. Haruto Rat

    Selling: [FINISHED] A103, Lacerating 1 UL

    This round of sales is finished. See you again in a few weeks.