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    Mining finder radius fake

    isnt it 55 meter is all directions so if you drop a probe at point x and move 55 meters forward you at the edge of the original probe's range? . i always thought you had to move 110 meter from drop point to not overlap?
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    How do you guys make profit hunting vixens

    i got 22 Ped of gears in little under 800 ped ammo/decay got 380% avg. so yea might be possible to profit but your talking tiny amounts and more likely you will still be at a small loss (i am still under TT costs after 10K-ish kills - about mid 90% overall with MU) -so do it for other reasons -...
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    FYI: Debit card dedicated to MA deposits only, leaked, twice!

    why not just use a credit card - see a charge you didn't make call them up and poof all gone - easy never use a debit card - ever, for anything plus you get cash back points on CCs - think i got like $900 coming to me now and last time i used like $800 towards the bill. Used to have a GM card...
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    Question: Why this game is Soooo Booring?

    you bored? here something exciting - give me 9K of that 18K and lets see what i can turn it into :) now that's exciting will he lose it all (most likely given how MA hates me) will he ATH?!? who knows that's the exciting part !! :) if got 18K i'd shit myself - twice
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    Any new players that wants to play together?

    what's to feel lost about just run around get killed find new places get killed again get stuck ask for help etc.. The only thing that is free here is dying so have fun with it.
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    New to game any advice is great!

    ahhh the retention rate :)
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    Question: Treasure Island - Where Did The Treasure All Go?

    Brexit maybe? well at least part of it - GBP been down for a while now
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    Question: Treasure Island - Where Did The Treasure All Go?

    my thought are: MA has a lot of cows they know they can milk time and time again. MA is happy to do the milking , cows are happy as they like to be milked - in the end one of them goes to the slaughter house - and they wont be so happy anymore. ohh and wasn't there like a 90K ath on bristle...
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    For really old players

    1:38:45 on for like 2 hrs is EU to me everyone remember the first hit - then you live with the addiction lol MA should def get some better soundtracks again and ditch the stupid pet noises - is there music now - i dont know i been muted since the pet noise got to stupid
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    Promoting Entropia to the cruise industry

    glad it went well and you had some fun on the cruise. GL on the LA sale i would wait on buying a home- prices are just stupid atm unless you are selling of course. hmmm - why does that seem familiar - like its happening somewhere else- mmmm - oh well it will come to me one day :)
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    Promoting Entropia to the cruise industry

    just checking- did you get thrown overboard? what happened? did anyone even talk to you? any new player in game now due to your t-shirts?
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    Secret to loot

    how may zeros are in big turnover? just asking cause you know relevance and all that jazz
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    MA fudged something up?? are you sure? i think it was intended to be like this - no seriously i has to be at this point by design
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    TWEN ITEMS Pictures and stats

    well some people are gonna get 300K + just have to wait and see make your contributions and you get a better seat.
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    TWEN ITEMS Pictures and stats

    unlikely or if they do i t will be after 100 of the items drops and the value goes to +300 opalo from spider lol even if it was a young just laughable.
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    Question: Punishing the Pattern Recognition of Players

    i'l let you know when i get that "something larger" in the future. Just let me know what retirement home you plan on going to so i know where to call you at in 40 years lol
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    Calypso Land Token

    are you taking about this? and no i did not read but if there is something that backs up what you said you should post it. even if there is something in that 15 pages - i am pretty sure any lawyer...
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    Is your item "stuck" and not ticking at all?

    it will tick ... in the long term....
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    Give me your BEST advice on how to do something to my PED card!

    give me 5K Ped and watch me lose it all in 3 hours - that's fast and no work on your end - win win
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    Windows 7 vs Windows 10

    what was pre Windows called - DOS? - yea that one!
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    News: Introducing Utrust - Digital Currency Deposits

    AHHH the crypto exchange :) crypto guy "it gonna be replacing ALL fiat because its the beeeeest thing ever and if you don't get on board you gonna be left behind" crypto guy's boss "really, you sure? ok we cant get left behind and even though there are more holes in crypto than swiss cheese...
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    Question: What will you be doing during TWEN event?

    losing ped and not getting shit just like the last 15 years if i am really lucky i'll loot 1 of a 1000 useless Opalos Then laughing when some famous player loots awesome items a week after the event ends (SGA style) - different event same bullshit small % of players likely getting 90% of...
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    TWEN ITEMS Pictures and stats

    good to see us noobs have a chance to loot a beginner wep - i really hope MA don't screw over all the low players and weps drop from all mobs not just shit pixie parts an Opalo from Thorio FFS MA there are players at all levels you know. i know its early but this is a bad sign imo
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    What we lost in Cryengine Update (Unreal 5 will most likely be similar)

    so people that owned mod mercs and IMK2 were not printing TT profit? i can swear i recall someone admitting that at some point after Loot 2.0 and MA confirming these types of weps were "unbalanced and should not have be released" (or something to that effect). basically those weps were over...