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  1. Xen

    Info: F macro or Bot .. is it allowed in any circumstance?....

    Because aside from automation there are a lot of people who like to play this game casual, just pressing F, maybe occasionally noticing to heal, while watching tv or whatever. If you made this game only hardcore it would die.
  2. Xen

    News: Planet Calypso Content Release 2022.0.3.0

    Ah, the vegetation.
  3. Xen

    Why Macroing is bad and should receive a mass banwave

    Then you are aggravating every other player by disconnecting them in the middle of whatever they are doing, middle of killing a mob, middle of survival instance, middle of space flight, etc. I don't think that would be well received.
  4. Xen

    entropia pocket not working on pixel 7

    Use Authy?
  5. Xen

    Halloween ring 2022

    The ring is crap and not worth much. (i.e. I want one)
  6. Xen

    Entropia Universe Unreal - Preview of HUD UI

    I'm just quoting this because I think it deserves repeating.
  7. Xen

    News: Planet Calypso Content Release 2022.0.2

    A little late.
  8. Igni.jpg


  9. Xen

    Info: Highest known Intelligence in Entropia

    Nice. 😉
  10. Xen

    Question: How much is a good hunting % return for you ?

    Long term, 98%.
  11. Xen

    Selling: A&P Series Mayhem LP-40, Perfected T5.99 SOLD

    SB and BO reduced significantly.
  12. Xen

    Selling: A&P Series Mayhem LP-40, Perfected T5.99 SOLD

    SB and BO lowered.
  13. Xen

    News: Eomon Pheromone Levels Rising

    Since E.L.M. weapons slowed to a trickle, the boxes were needed as a markup replacement. Without either, pretty worthless. And box prices dropped mostly because of shit rings.
  14. Xen

    Selling: A&P Series Mayhem LP-40, Perfected T5.99 SOLD

    SB lowered 2k. ⬇️
  15. Xen

    News: Entropia Universe Unreal Engine 5 Migration FAQ

    Will UE5 EU be multithreaded or will we still be in the dark ages?
  16. Xen

    Project Entropia

    Like a romantic relationship, the feelings of the early years will not return.
  17. Xen

    FYI: Mayhem Events Update

    Are you trying to lower activity? Because that will be the result of your recent decisions.