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  1. haxx

    A support case about support cases

    yeah but like only 7% better so unless you cycle tens of thousands of tickets per month... :poke:
  2. haxx

    Loot Tracker Tool

    been using it on Windows 11 for months without any issue, it is supported.
  3. haxx

    Selling: Sollomate Opalo, TWEN Edition Tier 1 TiR 95/200 Taking offers

    very unfair comparison, i bought it for about 3.6k worth of items (enigma L2 UL + some skill implants), it was a gamble as it was the very first Opalo that dropped and I put in in auction with no minimum and no maximum price as a second one dropped right after i bought mine and I knew they would...
  4. haxx

    Hey MA, how about cap on monthly TWEN loots from one person?

    might wanna switch mentors
  5. haxx

    Hey MA, how about cap on monthly TWEN loots from one person?

    even cycling 1m+ ped you arent entitled to anything, dont spend what you dont want to lose
  6. haxx

    Hey MA, how about cap on monthly TWEN loots from one person?

    for "some" reason lol have you had a look at this thread
  7. haxx

    Yazuki's hunting log (journey from brand new player to uber)

    gz on the item yuki! and that PM seconds before... a bit sus lmao
  8. haxx

    How space can ruin game experience

  9. haxx

    How space can ruin game experience

    tldr: there is zero problem with space pvp. its there if you want it, its easy to avoid if you dont want it
  10. haxx

    How space can ruin game experience

    yes to all of that entropia players are here for the rce...the game sucks in all other aspects. go play literally any recent games and they're all more fun on a purely gameplay point of view. all aspects of this game except the real-cash aspect i guarantee you theres another game doing it...
  11. haxx

    How space can ruin game experience

    i dont think my avatar has logged in the past 20 days...maybe once or twice to transfer stuff around, but i havent been actively playing in over a month so no, you wont see me in space. i just find your 180 a bit off. you were vigorously defending stealing from people not even a month ago...
  12. haxx

    How space can ruin game experience

    thats cute lol of course you're stealing that's the whole point of being a pirate glad you found the "light" and are on the good side now, but dont call yourself "naive" for not following the majority of the playerbase. it is OK not to agree with others lol be safe in space, hope we dont cross...
  13. haxx

    Another happy hour - bugs or intentional?

    "its not working this time boys" hilarious when people think ubers have any control over this whatsoever. i guarantee you vizz was as surprised if not more than anyone else by the drops vizz, ignore the comments and enjoy the armor set my man, im super jealous and wish it happened to me haha...
  14. haxx

    The sky is falling

    60k is way overpriced, BGH is still a huge sack of shite. even at 40k it'd be too high
  15. haxx

    Mining finder radius fake

    so basically, just fuck around with numbers and then randomly change some of those numbers because reasons, got it. brb, gonna go get rich
  16. haxx

    Question: auction

    haha, geez thanks now i get it. although there is a "solution": just sell for higher MU. its a non-issue. on caly, you can easily sell muscle oil in stacks of 10p for 11p, it will sell just give it a couple days. muscle oil only sells for 100.5%-101% for larger stacks, for small stacks people...
  17. haxx

    Suggestion: Make pills and shrapnel auctionable

    geez evey... two twen drops, a complete set and now we got auctionable shrap? what a month you're having! go get a lotto ticket, seems luck is on your side man ! :D
  18. haxx

    Question: auction

  19. haxx

    Selling: [DOA Mayhem Foeripper, Augmented] T6.xx

    free bump for an amazing gun <3
  20. haxx

    Suggestion: Further develop RDI Backpacks

    it already exists, the mankini offers a definitive boost to loot, it's true and doesnt need to be fact checked, just ask any uber
  21. haxx

    Secret to loot

    been jacking off for hours now, loot is still shit any tips? should i switch hands?
  22. haxx

    News: Nanocube Changes

    did evey hurt you?
  23. haxx

    News: Nanocube Changes

    i dont think people realize just how much PED gets cycled from a single gambling addict dedicated player doing EP4 for just a single hour the amount of stuff that is about to get recycled daily on the tt is probably way, way higher than what we all imagine i think its gonna have a big effect...
  24. haxx

    Question: Special Treatement for players - OK or not?

    maybe we understand and just dont agree? you know there isnt always a right or wrong, right?
  25. haxx

    Info: Let's talk about "happy hour"

    will try and remember that