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  1. avalonis

    Community Harassement, need some help and input here.

    yes, dude, you hit the spot lol, that's what Russian streamers do) they like to chat, so to speak, pour from empty to empty, like me myself ahahaha
  2. avalonis

    Chikara InvestaFoe-series. Rare scanners now?

    what is the mission of Scanner: Island InvestaFoe ES100
  3. avalonis

    News: Planet Calypso Content Release 2022.0.3.0

    I'm waiting for entropy to be revived, random events will be made, group treasure hunts, sudden zombie attacks on calypso, events once a week, a plate fell somewhere in the sector, a group is urgently needed for support and examination, in short, a lot of things can be thought up, we need time...
  4. avalonis

    What constitutes a hunting run?

    95%) for the return, what level of luther do you have, what kind of gun do you have with what efficiency and damag. there are a lot of nuances to keep loot at 90%, so the average hunt is unprofitable by itself lol
  5. avalonis

    What is currently broken; what is fixed?

    Can Vixens sweat?
  6. avalonis

    What is currently broken; what is fixed?

    why are vixen cyborgs considered luther animals and not robots? they are with current)
  7. avalonis

    Wiki down?

    from which mobs the adrenaline drops, the oil is often 215 hp there is a mob
  8. avalonis

    What mob consistently drops Bio ID Verification?

    how to shoot them in space in a quad? and they have guns on them?
  9. avalonis

    Hello! Update for the auction

    Good afternoon! Is it possible to consider an update for the auction?I think the auction would have stirred up a little 1) if the auction margin of 1/2 ped was maximum and divided by a day (but not more than 0.0714 for the auction day). 2) 80% of the auction margin was returned to the player if...
  10. avalonis

    Loot Tracker Tool

  11. avalonis

    Loot Tracker Tool

  12. avalonis

    Loot Tracker Tool

    is there a video? how to install (run) from scratch?
  13. avalonis

    Loot Tracker Tool

    есть видео? как установить (запустить) с нуля?
  14. avalonis

    News: Halloween Mayhem 2021

    good! lol
  15. avalonis

    doing The Order of the Elder Gods

    it's better to buy a ring and not worry about 3%
  16. avalonis

    doing The Order of the Elder Gods

  17. avalonis

    Buying: Mk. 2, Adjusted

    it is possible without a shooting gallery - your suggestions - it is possible in installments - 50 prepayment%
  18. avalonis

    Buying: Mk. 2, Adjusted

    WTB A-3 Justifier Mk. 2, Adjusted my nik Avalonis
  19. avalonis

    Help: Finding Out New Players Rate Of Return

    my nickname is Avalonis if there is no mentor write to help
  20. avalonis

    Taxi Quad flight

    any time during the day, departure from Atlantis to any planet