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    The Chain of Ascension - Chance to WIN 10k PED in a Day.

    Please register Grale Gurra Pilsner
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    Entropia Gold's NEW Event: HOFF's HOF OFF - 5 Land Areas & 5 Different Mobs!

    Please register Grale Gurra Pilsner
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    Yog Pet Buff Issue

    No, its not. This is not a a Deathifier issue and RL law and Courts will not be succesfully applied for the suitor in a case regarding ingame punishments based on abusing bugs and breaking the eula. Even if citizen A can take citizen B to court for farting on their yard (depending on country)...
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    Yog Pet Buff Issue

    A lot of referal to real courts and laws late in this thread, that has no relation to this. Doesnt matter at all if its RCE. There is an EULA for every game and MA can ban/punish as they wish (they cant charge an IRL fine but thats not the most common suggestion). They certainly dont need to...
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    Zip's Pure Peds Payouts!

    Agree to this. I also somehow missed the changes done in this event and ive only been running it for two weeks. Was a great set up with the mix of jackpots, grinding and loyalty bonuses. Thanks for a splendid event Zip.
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    Selling: ESI, Graphene Composite, Improved Nanites, Bismuth Plating

    1 x Graphene Composite 11k% 1 x Adjusted Nanites 13k % 3 x Improved Nanites 5k% 118 x Bismuth Plating 500% Empty Skill Implant (L) different sizes, prices depending on current mu PM here or ingame. Kind Regards, Gurra
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    Lootius Mayhem: Episode One

    Please Register Grale Gurra Pilsner Thanks
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    a 10k biding mistake

    Ouch, slips at auction are a pain. In this case the seller hasnt done anything wrong at all so there's no way MA will interfere. These things can hopefully be solved by buyer and seller but tbh i would have been a bit annoyed by your msg since when i read it you offer an extra 20 ped on top of...
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    25K PED SWEEPSTAKES! Begins: May 1st! MASSIVE Prize Pool!

    Please Register: Grale Gurra Pilsner Thanks
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    Selling: Shopkeeper (F)

    :computer: late bump
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    Selling: Shopkeeper (F)

    Selling freshly looted Shoopkeper Pad (Female) **Can be closed**
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    Uber: Halloween 2019 Winner @ Medusa Land Areas

    Big gratz for your win!! I didn't really have your stamina in the search for those evasive triples. Should i have gotten at least one i might have given it more effort :)
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    50 for 50 PED, 100 for 500 PED, 200 for 5000 PED! April Progressive Gambler by EntropiaInvest

    Please register Grale Gurra Pilsner Thanks
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    CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE ( Hunting + Mining ) March MEGA EVENT by EntropiaInvest

    Scoresheet has my name misspelled and hence no score i suppose. Should be Grale Gurra Pilsner, missing an r in sheet. /G
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    Zip's Pure Peds Payouts!

    No need for that, i was just having doubts on my own memory. Im happy just getting registered :)
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    Zip's Pure Peds Payouts!

    Thought i was regged on your earlier event but didnt see my name in spreadsheet so if im not, please register: Grale Gurra Pilsner Thanks
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    CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE ( Hunting + Mining ) March MEGA EVENT by EntropiaInvest

    Register "Grale Gurra Pilsner" Hunting : UGA , MINING : UGA Thanks
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    Selling: Unique Modified Fast Aid Pack, SGA Edition

    or thats the one like mentioned in the original post :scratch2: "All questions are welcome, you can see it in real (virtual) life by Trifle´s heal services! Please PM with offers."
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    EntropiaInvest All Or Nothing February SPECIAL

    Please register Grale Gurra Pilsner Thx
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    FYI: Modern MindForce Guide for 2020

    Great initiative, splendid work :thumbup:
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    Guess My Return EVENT (Free Guess & Win)

    42570 PED on your lucky "last run" Best of luck
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    EntropiaInvest's Epic Globals Roulette : Win Big Prizes on some Lucky Global Numbers!

    Please register: Grale Gurra Pilsner
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    The Ambuliped New Edition @ OLA 17 The Salty Flats

    Please register Grale Gurra Pilsner Thanks
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    Santa's Secret Code - WIN UP TO 2,000 PED for every HOF 500 and Greater!!!

    Please add Grale Gurra Pilsner Thanks
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    Zip's weekly ongoing 30% backtax event!

    Please register: Grale Gurra Pilsner thanks