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  1. Lyper

    Selling sweat for efds!

    I have around 7500 EFD, if we can meet ingame i will gladly trade them, as i dont really wanna use them anyway:P Thanks!:wtg:
  2. Lyper

    Hello bam! Sorry to not be around as much as i used to:P Keep going in your videos, I am still...

    Hello bam! Sorry to not be around as much as i used to:P Keep going in your videos, I am still watching your progress! Thumbs up!
  3. Lyper

    A quest to make you advance in eu (for beginers)

    :( I wanted to participate just SO DAMN MUCH! im looking for a goal just like this, to motivate me! But im over the skills :( Good luck everyone!
  4. Lyper

    new screen?

    :| Its so frustrating to see people not aware of Keyloggers. On WoW forums, Everyone, i mean Everyone know them, So if you see someone with like 2-3 post giving a link. NEVER EVER CLICK IT!
  5. Lyper

    Breaking News!!!! OMG!!!!

    Ill do a bump for Bam's awesome video From ur friend, Lyper :silly2:
  6. Lyper

    Top 10 Society Rosters

    I love ya softhart :ahh: Same Society is FTW:P Nice list btw!:wtg:
  7. Lyper

    lost and found

  8. Lyper

    Mob you can do with out!

    Merps are VERY annoying
  9. Lyper

    If Chuck Norris played EU

  10. Lyper

    Rate my outfit! =P

    Expensive :rolleyes:
  11. Lyper

    Looks like im a F'in SCAMMER

    I feel terribad>.< I saw u ingame, and said u was a scammer! Shame on me :(
  12. Lyper

    Moderate Firestorm Chip - When Maxed ?

    It's really lvl 100! Non (L) item are ALL maxed at 100 level profession!!:(
  13. Lyper

    Avery & Neo The Famous Trader ruins the Merry Mayhem event

    /sigh @ stormer :poke:
  14. Lyper

    Drinking in EU

    This question dont even make sense...:confused:
  15. Lyper

    Debut! Entropian Rockstar Video Two

    Again, My old mate Bam, You did it very well! Im proud of you:wtg: let's see back again ingame, Even if i dont play much anymore... Well keep going, Mr the actor/producer/director and wathever:P:yay:
  16. Lyper

    Happy birthday Skillin' Villains

    Yay! I love us! We should make more babies!... or not... Well you got my point:yay:
  17. Lyper

    Invisibility exploit for PVP3 / PVP4 - including radar

    Nice Exploit there, Only way for some OJ's To go see the rig!!(Oh wait... Does it work in Pvp1,2?):confused::confused:
  18. Lyper

    Frank reveals secrets of egg and notes!

    The Best Explanation EVER!
  19. Lyper

    Petition against the 2pec decay

    Thel Lyper Khaar ... Theses fees are retardedideloudi Stupid;)
  20. Lyper

    Content List VU 9.0

    Decay to change clothes and armor? Why not decay on shoes to walk around? Sighhh:(
  21. Lyper

    position of mobs

    EU is dynamic
  22. Lyper

    Setting Some Things Straight

    Free Bump :yay:
  23. Lyper

    i have a number between 0 and 10k

    I go with 1337, Cuz im like that^^ AWWWW i got with 1773!! :P
  24. Lyper

    Entropia News Network Recriuting Active Players

    Omg Un francais en plus? :yay: Mais serieusement j'aimerais faire parti de cette soc, quoi que partir de mon ancienne soc me fait un peu quelquechose, je connais beaucoup de monde:( A quelle heure pourrais t-on se rencontrer ingame? Well if your not really french PM me, Just asked time to meet...
  25. Lyper

    Max out TT weapons

    There goes my next hunting session:( Screw you:laugh::silly2: