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  1. delta force

    Selling: WTS Omegaton M2870, Improved, TWEN Edition

    new Bot 3.0 weapons dropping sweet gun.
  2. delta force

    Suggestion: Damage enhancers

    "pretty much all the crafters of enhancers refused to sell" lmao what? So there is enhancers but for event price so what is the problem, i would like to buy terra 10 for cheap also but igni is over the roof please MA adjust :cry::cry::cry: .....or maybe make fff fffffff ffffff for miners so...
  3. delta force

    My Mining Journey (A Sequel)

    (Shrapnel) gambling log next?
  4. delta force

    Hit rates lowered?

    Damn dude you have 340k+ in mining on tracker and still don't know how to mine 🤔
  5. delta force

    Price Check Bifrost

    So whats the story with InvisibleAndre is he perma banned?
  6. delta force

    Question: Will there be a Summer Mayhem 2022?

    Maybe in future summer mayhem will be implemented like "Mini Mayhem" on TI like this one now on CP.
  7. delta force

    Info: Poll: How Many Rare Tokens Have You Looted?

    But maybe you can bruteforce a summer 2020 :unsure:
  8. delta force

    Selling: Imperial HAZEN M set!

    Lmao people asking 10k for Ascension this sounds like ok price 🤔
  9. delta force

    Suggestion: Sick of bots

    Damn gotta love these guys.
  10. delta force

    Info: Gold Rush Results = SNAFU

    So how did this end ...are the ark forum results final?
  11. delta force

    Selling: Cyrene epic missions key items bulk deal well i don't know about the rest but is this crystal really rare? how much did all this cost you?
  12. delta force

    Mining excavator enhancers currently bugged

    Pls fix still not working
  13. delta force

    Am I doing this right?

    When you have 500 ped mu on 60k ped cycle... gl with log :)
  14. delta force

    Suggestion: Stop Markt up Manipulation

    Well Looks like people figured out how much mele was cheap you could buy songkra dagger slap VI on it and buy imp ares for less than 3k ped...
  15. delta force

    Do you influence your finding or system has it fixed for you ?

    If you are looking for Redu,Pyrite and things like that waves influence your findings mostly so if wave started you will find it with amp or no amp, but before i had the feeling that resources composition in the area changed and HR also depending on the amp size lvl2 vs lvl5 vs d-class. But last...
  16. delta force

    Info: Heaps of dung, attract flies & Maggots.

    LOL wrong meds kicked in this morning :D
  17. delta force

    Garcen Grease / Lubricant

    So this is what is game all about now :unsure:
  18. delta force

    Selling: One of a kind Rainbow Sword

    I think this is the one and only that Star looted in eomon.
  19. delta force

    Question: Political statement from someone at MA?

    Well you can also talk about ISIS weapons what ...they glorify terrorist with that? gotta get that cancel culture in here asap :unsure:
  20. delta force


    Did you and your friends tried to price fix some items on auction? " We can see that you've placed suspicious auctions, do you have any comments in regards to any of your auction sales? " i knew few "friends" that were placing high BO on usual low mu stuff trying to inflate the price. GL...
  21. delta force

    What ever happened to ... ?

    Did he change his name to "The Legendary Stormer Deluxe" :D