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    Question: How's TWEN going for you?

    I purchased some L armor to go all out for twen in the hopes of looting something. I normally stick with my mid level UL gear. I've had fun trying some new higher level mobs like drone elites, warlocks, SEGs, feffox stalkers, and even some low dasps. Mobs i wouldn't have ordinarily hunted. I...
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    Info: Entropia Authenticator doesn't work with pixel 7 pro/android 13

    You are a genius! Thanks. I had no idea it didn't matter. Google authenticator did not work (at least at reading the QR code), however microsoft did, if anyone else runs into this issue.
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    Info: Entropia Authenticator doesn't work with pixel 7 pro/android 13

    Entropia authenticator doesn't support either the pixel 7 pro or the android 13 that comes with it. Support has been notified, but I thought I would also post it here for the community. Has anyone else experienced this and/or discovered a workaround to install it?
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    Mini Mayhem - Thanks Argonaut Giving

    How about the leumed? Maybe I'm mistaken but weren't those argo bosses?
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    Suggestion: Mobs and the future of mobs ingame

    Anything that enhances the enjoyment of combat would be a positive here in Entropia. (y)
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    Selling: Custom Skill Chips

    bump it up! skills for sale
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    Selling: Custom Skill Chips

    Weekend bump, updated some things
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    News: Entropia Enjin Collaboration

    MA should just start an affiliate program for everyone and make it 1%. Forget about the Eggs and blockchain stuff. Everyone in the game will spam the entire internet for them for that 1%. Do both, everyone gets 1%, the Egg owners get 10%. :wise:
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    Selling: Custom Skill Chips

    Weekend Bump!
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    Selling: Custom Skill Chips

    Added Prices and ESIs needed amounts.
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    Selling: Custom Skill Chips

    Weekend bump! Up your game with some new skills! That higher level gun is just a skill chip away! ;)
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    Selling: Custom Skill Chips

    Daily bump! Why buy from the auction, when you can get exactly what you want from me? 😁
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    Selling: Custom Skill Chips

    Hello! I am selling custom skill chips, your ESI or mine, at current market rates. If we use your ESIs, current MU is set at 1000%. Skill prices are up to date as of 7/10/22. I'm not quitting or anything, just down sizing, so there is no rush or heavily discounted deals. The following...
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    Help: Armors compatible with Horns of Zagol from Monria

    stolen imperium, as well as all the imperium armors (adj-perfected) and many other cyrene armors that have the "military style" hat.
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    Buying: Large Chadriak Mushrooms

    I put up an order on the auction for those who want a quick sale. You can find me otherwise to avoid the fee. (y)
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    Buying: Large Chadriak Mushrooms

    I am buying any quantity of Large Chadriak Mushroom for 100 PED each. Add/Msg me in game "Benevolent 3J Afterdark". Cheers!
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    Population of the Entropia Universe

    It's too expensive to play for the majority of people. I realize you can play smaller for a less amount, but that isn't fun for those who have been around for awhile. So you have to choose to play low level (where you cannot progress and thus it's not rewarding), or high level, where it is too...
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    Vanguard Entropy The Purger - Natural spawn

    thanks for the location!
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    Suggestion: New drops

    Horrible idea IMO. The addition of shrap killed the MU enough as it is. What i think they should do is remove all of the useless bps and ingredients that aren't used anymore, consolidating all materials. How many ingredients and items haven't been sold in a year? Too many.
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    HoF effect slider

    Great idea!
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    On this beautiful day, I am launching a Сhallenge.

    Good luck! There have been successful instances of people doing this in the past lol
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    Mobs getting more agile

    I've noticed lately that the targets dodging comes in waves, like your screenshot there shows. Same as crits.
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    13000 PED HSL: The Battle of the Ancient Titans - part 2.

    Sounds like fun! :handgun:
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    Entropia hunter - a statistics tool for hunting

    This looks pretty cool, maybe i'll give it a shot!