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    I'm so stuck to this game after new VU

    i had the same problem at the same place but i managed to get out, when i relogged back in there were no graphics so didnt know which direction was facing, so i tried running appeared to be going nowhere, after about the fifth time of ctds i found myself in the corner and had escaped
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    Free Society Hosting

    This service is no longer available
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    Known Issues 9.0

    i dont know whats worse my bug, i cannot even get in game, wont let me download the updates or all of these, hmm oh well, gues sthey dont want me playing
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    Selling TI Plat apt

    bump de bump
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    Selling TI Plat apt

    Hey Guys, Im selling an apt in Treasure Island Platinum Building (3F). Please make sensible bids and I reserve the right not to sell if my reserve price (unspecified) is not met. If I get a good offer I may sell and end the auction early. Auction will end 1 week from now. thanks, Shaun muttley
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    National Talk Like a Pirate Day (UK)

    Ahoy me hearties, 19 September is national, Talk Like A Pirate Day in the UK. Here's a song for ya me lads Drunken Sailor Chorus Way, hay up she rises, Way, hay, up she rises, Way, hay, up she rises, Earlye in the morning! What will we do with the drunken sailor? What will we do with the...
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    Contaminated Zone PVP Bug?

    is it not possible that you were killed by someone on the edge of your radar that you did not see
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    Selling materials

    bump .
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    Selling materials

    A 1 day auction, all public bids please no PMs, will end at 7pm MA time Thursday 23rd. You will be contacted after this time to arrange an exchange. All prices are in PEDS and are a starting bid. Thanks 69 Allo Skin - 20.7 15 Ambu Skin - 60 994 Animal Hide - 9.94 6 Argo Skin - 5.4 4 Armax...
  12. M get a subdomain for your soc

    hi, if you can add nbk as a subdomain and point to many thanks shaun muttley
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    nAnsterdam 2007 - open invitation meet up

    put me down as a maybe for this im going over to the dam around about that time with a group of friends so may be able to meet up for a couple of hours shaun muttley
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    Why is laser unfairly given advantage over blp?

    nice, how much are they going for then and are they (L)
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    Global message for event winners

    excellent idea +rep
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    My new grenade launcher!

    gratz man, uber gratz i would love a gun like this, i can imagine very rare and very expensive but very cool
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    Selling Vigi M

    ill bid tt+400
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    Selling Vigi M

    does it have all armour pieces?
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    Happy Birthday Aviril

    :yay: :yay: :wtg: :wtg: :wtg: :wtg: yo yo yo HAPPY BIRTHDAY
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    Do you have a boyfriend / girfriend?

    mmm river tam, shes in next series of sg atlantis btw, lucky u and no no gf for me :(
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    EF Not Safe For Work?

    or three :wtg:
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    Show us ya face!

    oh dear i think i may need an eye test and a brain test while im at it :S
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    Show us ya face!

    i agree too and which one are you (not that it matters)
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    Armax met the uber newbie weaponry

    gratz man, have fun spending those peds
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    Are you a forum whore?

    ok, will do...thanks:yay: