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  1. Orion

    EU Merchandise Store is pretty weak

    @Gianna please share your thoughts about the quality and ethic aspects (origin of garment, tailored in labor camps, etc.), as far as the labels can reveal, once you received your package. Just 2 days ago i also almost ordered the sweatshirt and 2 T-Shirts, but first hesitated and then...
  2. Orion

    Info: MetaHuman Animator is Uncanny Valley on the UnReal Engine

    Oh, I loved Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice! Can't wait for Hellblade II !
  3. Orion

    Help: Data needed to update jdegre optimizer skill curve

    ouw... 4/3πr³ !!!
  4. Orion

    HoF: Vanguard

  5. Orion

    the math doesn't add up

    It is the same math behind the fair loot algorithm.
  6. Orion

    Drop (L) with FULL TT only

    I would love to see the same overall TT value of (L) items to drop, just divided among a lesser number of (L) items which always drop with full TT only. Full TT (L) items last longer Full TT (L) items are easier listed in auction Full TT (L) items have a better chance to sell Full TT (L) items...
  7. Orion

    MA financial report

    4 million SEK more turnover in Q4-2022 over Q4-2021. YAY! It's all a matter of presentation... If you deduct the nonrecurring compensation of 4.75 million SEK from the insurance company regarding the legal dispute, ...go figure yourself.
  8. Orion

    Ideas to improve society terminal (Part 2)

    thank you for continuing to be the sting causing MA the pain in the ass they need. The sting still needs to go deeper though.
  9. Orion

    Worst possible timing

    The app just multiplies mobile device time with your unique initialisation player code to spit out a new 6-digit code every 30 sec and MA server checks if this fits to the same MA time standard code multiplied by their stored unique initialisation player code. If your mobile device time was off...
  10. Orion

    Mob action states (and what will happen in UE5?)

    If you carefully watch mobs on Caly, then on many mobs you can differ 3-4 mob animations for different action states: - idle (mob is grazing and minding its own business) - attentive (Safe aggro range. The mob stops grazing and head looks at you. You can safely leave the safe aggro range for...
  11. Orion

    Entropiawiki map?

    Wiki maps are broken for years now, because there is noone left who understands how they initially were programmed.
  12. Orion

    Big mistakes with a happy ending

    Messing up the auc history forever... Gratz, lucky you!
  13. Orion

    I am locked out of my account and I havent recieved any response

    Make sure to update EVERY support ticked maybe once a week. So they all keep active and no stupid timer closes the support ticket after a timeout of inactivity. MA support loves to solve tickets by doing nothing and then closing them down after timeout. Support hates to have active support...
  14. Orion

    Selling: [SOLD] The Mere Mortal's Affordable TWEN Grinder: Spirit Mk. 1 T8

    Bring up my post Buy mine, it is the better offer!
  15. Orion

    Question: Missions that can't be done (unless you have no life)

    When I finished the mission years ago, I tracked the looted bone samples of 4k punies and saw that it will take me another ~36.000 kills more to reach the 10k bone samples. And yes, in the end it very well matched the total of 40k kills needed to loot 10k bone samples to finish the mission. at...
  16. Orion

    For really old players

    You really missed some magic moments and feelings, which so much were part of our early experiences in PE.
  17. Orion

    I DRAW YOUR AVATAR! (500 peds)- Discord avatar is Bonus

    Great to see a new drawing! They are magic!