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    Selling: Mod 2600 T2.4

    Hello, I am selling my mod 2600 T2.4. SB: tt+7k BO: tt+7.2k Prefer pure peds but can also be interrested in mod 2350 + peds (downgrade)
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    Selling: Adjusted Restoration Chip

    Hello, Selling an adjusted restoration chip high eco: 160hp/pec + allow to skill mindforce SOLD
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    Selling: Earth Shock Trooper M

    Selling complete Earth Shock Trooper M Set Not far from full TT Current offer: 1100% -> Will be sold at this price if no better offer the 12th of April BO 1200% (only during easter mayhem) Open to offers. leave a PM if interested
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    Selling: Improved Omegaton Fast Aid Pack Tier 2.9

    Hello, I'am selling my good old Improved FAP T2.9. Opened to pure peds and peds + items offers. Easter Mayhem - Special Offer: SB: 30k BO: 33k If you are really interrested in buying this fabulous FAP, PM me on PCF with your best offer :)
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    Selling: Improved fap T2.9

    Offer removed
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    Selling: Imp fap T2.9

    Removed sale
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    Buying: Adj ml35

    Hello, Looking for an adj ml35. PM me with asked price and tier. NicoLePro
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    Selling: Earth Shock Trooper (M) set

    Selling a Earth Shock Trooper (M) set Giving 60% critical dmg increase TT: near from full TT so around 295peds SB/BO - 1.6k%
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    Pulsar Armor Plate Gold Rush 2016

    Hi, I was wondering how much should be valued a Pulsar Armor Plate Gold Rush 2016 Pulsar Gold Rush 2016 Thanks in advance for your inputs
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    Selling: Dehera Immolation Sword t4.6

    Selling my dehera immolation sword tier 4.6 With Melee Trauma Amplifier VI: 2.96 Dpp and 51.8 Dps With Melee Trauma Amplifier VI + EST +imp ares + 4 acc. en.: 3.05 Dpp and 58 Dps SB:tt+575 BO:tt+590 (monthly price: tt+610) PM me or ig: Nicolas NicoLePro Lami
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    Selling: FFA Points

    I have 5114 FFA points for sale. PM here or IG
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    Renting out Imp Fap T2.9

    Hello, Renting out my Improved Fap t2.9. 1 week is minimum renting time. PM me about collateral you need to provide: Peds, CLD and a few healing items are accepted. Weekly price: 400peds Ingame: Nicolas NicoLePro Lami
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    Buying: Earth Shock Trooper M - Helmet only

    Buying Earth Shock Trooper M (Helmet only) Paying in pure peds
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    Buying: Hermetic Augmented & Athenic Improved

    Hello, WTB Hermetic Augmented & Athenic Improved, PM me here or ingame for a quick sale. Nicolas NicoLePro Lami
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    Selling: Shagadi Disintegration Sword with good tier numbers

    Hello, I want to sell my Shagadi Disintegration Sword 0.0 Tier rates: 93, 128, 124, 96, 70, 139, 100, 125, 92, 124 SB: tt+450 BO: tt+450
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    Selling: Corinthian Silver Kanin Pet 7 & 24 lvl with 12% acceleration buff

    Corinthian Silver Kanin Pet Lvl 24 with 12% acceleration buff Very Low energy consumption compared to other rare rabbits full fed exp: 50665 SB: 600 peds BO: 650 peds --------------------------- Corinthian Silver Kanin Pet Lvl 7 SB/BO: 100 peds PM me here or ingame Nicolas NicoLePro Lami
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    Selling: Mod 2350 FAP t0.9

    Hello I'm selling a Tier 0.9 Mod 2350 Fap. SB= +5200 BO= +5400 Entropedia Link 41 heals/sec and 25 heals/pec
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    Selling: Metallurgy skill

    Hello, I'm selling some rare Metallurgy skill. One 9.29ped tt chip is already extracted but more is available. NicoLePro
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    Buying: Imp fap

    Hello, I'm interrested by an improved fap. PM here or ingame Nicolas NicoLePro Lami
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    Selling: Silver Kanin lvl 7

    Selling Silver Kanin lvl 7 (giving speed buff at higher lvl). Nicolas NicoLePro Lami (ingame or pm here)
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    Selling: Full TT Boom BBC (L) - 69 dommages laser amp

    Hello, Selling a full TT Boom BBC (L) - 69 dommages laser amp Stats Here PM me here or ingame with an offer if interrested.
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    Buying: Corinthian Silver Kanin

    Hello, WTB Corinthian Silver Kanin PM me with lvl, buff unlocked and price please. Nicolas NicoLePro Lami
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    Buying: Improved Ares and Ajusted Athenic (rings)

    Hello, I'm interrested in buying an Improved Ares and Ajusted Athenic (rings). Send me a message or PM ingame. Nicolas NicoLePro Lami
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    Buying: Mod 2350

    Hello, I'm looking for a mod 2350. Preferably with tier 0.x Paying in pure peds.
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    Selling: FFA Stars (2823)

    Hello, Selling FFA Stars: 2823. PM in game or here NicoLePro