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    Buying: Buying Liakon (F)

    Buying Liakon,Jaguar Buying Full Liakon or Jaguar
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    Buying: A.R.C Ranger F set

    Buying A.R.C Ranger F set
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    Help: Eco gun

    Witch gun at lvl 55 laser pistol is most eco, with high dmg to hunt bigger mobs.
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    Boar F set

    How much is Boar F set worth TT+?
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    Buying: Boar F set

    Looking to buy Boar F set pm your offers
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    Buying: Jaguar f

    Buying full jaguar f set pm offers
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    Buying: Liakon F

    Buying full F Liakon set or parts pm me offer
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    Buying: Buying Full Liakon/Jaguar armor (F)

    Looking to buy a Full set Liakon or Jaguar Female
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    got a new skill

    i just unlocked serendipity should i put in a chip with some or just let it skill normaly?
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    help with gun

    im looking for a gun to buy for hunting bigger mobs when im not skilling that will not cost more then 4k peds and is decent on the eco side
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    how much skills

    How high should my Curage, RDA, WHS, IRD, Combat Reflex, Dexterity about when i got 2k hand gun skills?
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    Hello if i deposit with Ukash do i get the peds instant or dose it take houers/days before it transfers to my pedcard
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    any quest to do that dont cost any peds to do that will give you attribut or skills?
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    chip skills

    i was thinking of chiping handgun skill since i work to much and cant play more then 1 or 2 days. I i want to atleast chip so i dont need to skill from 0-2k handgun but what more skills do i need to get and how much of them.
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    place to start skilling

    Hello im looking for a good mob and place to start skilling with the TT weps and a 101 on them both