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    Buying: Angel M set

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    Buying: Angel M set

    looking to buy these, any tier considered, Pm me here with offers. Arso 3 - purchased Still looking for angel
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    Buying: LR-40 FEN

    Looking to buy one of these, let me know here via PM or ingame. Beta Binx Breaker
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    Entropia Universe 17.4 Release Notes

    there can’t be many moon deeds left at all, I think the AG deeds were unlocked because it looks like they won’t sell out anytime soon.
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    RDI Secret Lab - some info

    was this in the 3rd wave of that room, the one after the tezlasoid pack? I was in the other lab group last night and we got stuck on the pack after the calamusoids. gratz on the kill guys
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    RDI Secret Lab - some info

    Once you have started the second room and handed your key in, do not leave the instance via the exit. You can not rejoin and will need to acquire another key.
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    Chip Off The Old Block - Fort Medusa Calamusoid Mission Chain

    yes they can be traded, Mathilda confirmed it with me. Not sure if they can be auctioned though.
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    Release is Taking Longer than Expected [Updated]

    Ahhh so you’re the culprit!
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    Finely got my Uber

    Gratz mate!
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    Achievement: Killstrike unlocked

    Gratz mate!
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    What happens if you level to next skill category during mayhem?

    just jumping on to this, what happens if we are the correct skill level but hp is over the cap, is it a soft cap?
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    Buying: Adjusted Restoration Chip - Closed

    found one, thanks
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    Buying: EK-2350 Modified - Closed

    Found one, thanks
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    Selling: ArMatrix LR-40 FEN T6.99

    I offer BC-30 + 5k
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    Selling: Skills - Bring Your Own Chip (some might be pre chipped)

    Selling Rifle Skill @ 300% - Bring your own ESI Also have 10.87 ped of Aim already chipped @ 1800% if anyone wants that Drop me a message if your interested and we can work something out. Collateral can be provided
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    How would you feel ?

    I’ve just re read it and they were perfectly polite and the wording of “may we ask you” is a very gentile way of putting it. Also how come you are choosing not to show us the copy & pastes of what you said. Are you choosing to re word them in an attempt to come off as a victim here? I’ll...
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    How would you feel ?

    I feel like OP has probably blown this well out of proportion and the thread should be locked. In answer to your question, I would be a bit defensive at first and then understand that it is a valid question to ask, you may be able to offer them insight as to why a player might sit on this...
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    How would you feel ?

    Well... why did you wait a month to report it?
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    Help: Help with starting Tailoring in 2020

    There is a really good thread on crafting quite recently where they discuss the daily crafting mission on Monria being a great way to skill until Blueprint Comprehension is unlocked, after that I would consider heading to Next Island / Ancient Greece to craft Lesser Elysia which gives tailoring...
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    Buying: High Tier EP-41 Military Adjusted or similar - Closed

    Found one, Thanks
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    Level 50 hunter for hire

    Like Nobion said a stream or video for proof of hunt as no one will hire you without knowing that there is no skimming or cherry picking going on. The issue is that no one wants to sit and watch that or can keep track of what you do loot. I would suggest team hunting and leader takes all...
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    Selling: Tier 6 Adjusted EP-41! tt+ 3400

    Mate I might have a use for this, if not it’s a free bump. Shoot me a message in game.
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    Buying: Closed