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  1. Zenzile

    Buying: Easter Ring(s) 2017

    If you loot one or know someone who has looted one, msg me as I'll be buying with pure ped!
  2. Zenzile

    Selling: Adj EP-41 & Hyper A105

    Adj EP-41 Tier 0.9 tt+3425 92/55/103/96/94/84/48/87/45/92 Hyper A105 tt+2450
  3. Zenzile

    Selling: 4x Songra Corrosive Daggers

    All tier 0.9 Price: tt+285
  4. Zenzile

    Selling: EST ~140 ped tt

    Sold sold sold!
  5. Zenzile

    Selling: Mod EK-2350

    Tier 0.9 106/149/111/75/80/103/84/89/131/145 SOLD
  6. Zenzile

    Selling: Arso III TEN

    Tier 4.6 66/78/82/77/98/83/58/92/71/111 tt+6450
  7. Zenzile

    Selling: Adj EP-41 & Imp A105

    Adj EP-41 Tier 0.9 tt+3700 92/55/103/96/94/84/48/87/45/92 Imp A105 SOLD
  8. Zenzile

    Selling: Halloween 2015 & Aug Ares

    Aug Ares SOLD Hween 2015 SOLD - :,(
  9. Zenzile

    Buying: XTLC 400 / Marcorp Kallous-7 / Vincent DPS LR37

    Buying any of these listed guns. Please shoot me a pm if you are selling or if you know a seller!
  10. Zenzile

    Achievement: Big RL Achievement

    Just got my admission letter from them the other day. Very shocked and pleasantly surprised. I by no means expected or even thought I'd get into their engineering program. They are the #3 computer science/engineering school in the US right now. #2 place that Google recruits from. #3 for...
  11. Zenzile

    Buying: Summer Ring 2016

    Looking to buy one of these. Ideally my Aug Ares + peds.
  12. Zenzile

    Buying: Ranger Sight / Scope

    Only need 1 sight. Really looking for a scope above all. Might even be interested in mk II if the price is right, mainly want a mk I.
  13. Zenzile

    Eco Calculations

    I'm a bit confused on the eco formula and I was hoping someone smart could help me out. So here is the base eco equation assuming mDmg = max dmg. ((mDmg * 75% * 90%) + (mDmg * 2%)) / cost Lets call this (eDmg + cDmg) / cost So the first chunk is simple right? max dmg * .75 = the avg dmg of...
  14. Zenzile

    Account Locked - Bank Charged Back??

    Hey, just wanted to ask if anyone has had any such experience. So basically, I deposited 4k ped a few days ago. My bank initially locked my card for "fraud prevention" (Wells Fargo literally locks my card whenever i spend money on Entropia. Anyway, I looked today and found that the pending...
  15. Zenzile

    Buying: Mayhem Scintillator Azure

    Just throwing it out there that I am highly interested in one of these. Please contact me if you end up winning one or if you know the person who wins it.
  16. Zenzile

    Annoying Mob "Trainer" in Instance

    This guy has been at it for about 2 hours now. Miner's Mafia, please keep a better eye on your children. This guy clearly belongs back in daycare. In case it's not clear, he tags mobs with a z12 barbella. He also stands in my los to waste my heals and make it harder for me to kill...
  17. Zenzile

    Selling: Antidote

    Selling an Antidote from the Rocktropia Kong Questline. This thing took months to build and hours of work. There is plenty of info on the forum already for those of you who dont know, but I'll list the ingredients anyway. 5x Kong Blood (Takes every map piece + 3x idols to try killing the...
  18. Zenzile

    Achievement: At Long Last

    Finally got the ingredients for an antidote. Not sure what to do now. Sell the set, get an antidote, or go for the mind key. I'm too low for the root kongs i'm quite sure so i'll probably pass on that. Anyone know the req lvl for dhampyres, if they are still exportable (just checking lol)...
  19. Zenzile

    Buying: Augmented Ares

    Got one, can be closed.
  20. Zenzile

    Buying: Earth Shock Trooper (also looking for thigh + arms)

    Looking for a set ~100-200 ped tt. PM me if you have one and are willing to sell at reasonable prices. Also pm me if thigh & arms are for sale individually. Male.
  21. Zenzile

    Selling: Umbranoid Suit Set M

    These are literally impossible to find anymore. I never see them, and I love my set (I've seen 1 other suit, might be mine now tbh, since I started in 2012, the only complete set ever). However, I need the ped atm. Items: Umbranoid Body Suit (M), Crude Nails (M, C), Horns - Large Bull (M)...
  22. Zenzile

    Selling: ARSO III TEN Tier 4.6

    Remaining Rates: 98 83 58 92 71 111 SB: +6500 BO: +6900
  23. Zenzile

    Selling: Rocktropia Ballistar APT

    The Ballistar 3rd Floor Suite H SOLD
  24. Zenzile

    Selling: Ultra OG Sales Thread

    Selling everything pretty much. Tired, I'll research and add prices. For now just pm me your best offer and if it's solid then I'll take it. Halloween Ring 2015 Imp Ares Mod Hermetic Umbranoid Body Suit + Large Bull Horns + Crude Nails (Most likely the only set you will see for sale, needs a...
  25. Zenzile

    Buying: Mod/Aug Ares, Halloween Ring, MKI/II Sight/Scope

    Looking for all of these. On the mod/aug ares I can do pure peds or include my improved ares.