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  1. shaun117

    Buying: Corrosive/combustive chip 8+

    Looking at buying a small combustive attack chip or corrosive attack chip Must be UL 8 or higher Pm me cheers.
  2. shaun117

    Buying: Arcspark,firefly,xeno scratcher

    Buying one of the daggers below Firefly Arcspark Xeno scratch dagger Pm me tier and rough price paying pure ped
  3. shaun117

    Buying: Genesis firefly or xeno scratcher

    Buying mid to high tier firefly or xeno scratcher dagger. Pm me payimg pure peds
  4. shaun117

    Buying: Genesis firefly

    Buying high tier genesis firefly. Paying pue peds pm me
  5. shaun117

    Buying: Swine delux

    Buying a swine delux pref high tier the better. P.m me cheers.
  6. shaun117

    Selling: Corrosive FEN COMBO!

    Sold the rest of the gear this is the last to sell -Currently using this COMBO for migration, will sell after migration- Selling my fantastic 2.0 grinder setup great eff + dpp and a killer easy way to unlock intuition. nice tier rate 156/200 Chip has extremely low decay lasts a very long time...
  7. shaun117

    Selling: Selling out clearance sale.

    Putting my gear up for sale to pursue IRL goals. Pm me if interested. Corrosive attack nanochip 13 FEN t2.99 + Amp 7 FEN to go with it. +46k Ghoul M set tier 1 +2.7k Adj 5b set +3500 Ares imp - reserved Adjusted resto chip - removed placed on caly auction. Prices are pritty firm. No...
  8. shaun117

    Buying: Large quantity of boxes

    Looking to purchase a nice stack of 500 or 1000 summer boxes To open not to resell Pm me what price u can do thats not moronic. Cheers
  9. shaun117

    Selling: Most uber fap around!

    selling this freshly looted FAP Hedoc SK-50 adjusted. TT is quite high but still a nice low to mid personal fap for cheap MU SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Taking any offers atall on it, would really hate to TT a UL item but may have to if nobodys interested, looking for pure peds only!
  10. shaun117

    Buying: Rings!!!

    Looking to buy rings Easter ring 2019 = 7k Augmented ares = 2.5k Ares perfected = 5k Pm me cheers.
  11. shaun117

    Buying: Mutated aurli bones

    Buying some bones. 400ped each
  12. shaun117

    Selling: Copious amount of the good D.R.U.G.S

    Selling my stash of 15mg pills. Pm me 15mg accu = 15 units = 20ped each 15mg deva = 14 units = 20ped each 15mg hyper = 8 units = 25ped each 15mg nutri = 10 units =15ped each 15mg medi =13 units = offer via pm
  13. shaun117

    Drugs oh them drugs

    Anyone got a price on some drugs? 15mg accu,deva,hyper Have alot in storage from over the years opening boxes and im planning on selling them so if anyone has some ideas on a price i could expect or someone whos interested please let me know. Thanks.
  14. shaun117

    Buying: Materials for adj,imp,mod viceroy

    Buying materials to upgrade viceroy pm me what u have and a updated price cheers.
  15. shaun117

    Buying: Adj 5b set

    As title buying adjusted 5b plates set Pm me
  16. shaun117

    Selling: Highest tiered Protector of Empire set MALE

    selling what i think is highest tiered PoE male set ingame, tier 5/6 set with 1 part t4, stats are amazing almost supremacy. looking at selling to purchase another item looking for pure peds at this stage 5 parts t5, 1 part t6, 1 part t4 SET HAS BEEN SOLD. oustanding set that handles...
  17. shaun117

    Buying: M83,lc-300 ambush, enigma L4 igni 1100E

    After selling my comp gun im downscaling for a pre 2.0 weapon Looking for one of the following in this order. Low tier or at low tier price M83 LC-300 AMBUSH ENIGMA L4 IGNI L1100E Paying pure peds pm me.
  18. shaun117

    Selling: T9 m83 predator

    Considering downgrading a few tiers on my gun. Selling amazing cat 7-8-9 contender and grinding weapon. Tier 9 m83 A tier 8 sold last week for +28k. Possibly accepting item part or full trades pm me an offer. SOLD FOR BUYOUT. These amazing allrounder weapons never last long. Gl all
  19. shaun117

    Tier 9 m83 predator rental

    Looking to rent out my tier 9 m83. Price will be 300ped per day. If looking for extended rental during mayhem pm me and we can work out a deal. Conditions. 30k collateral + good rep. Will be available for rent from the 11/4/20
  20. shaun117

    Buying: Large quantities of sweat

    Buying sweat only in large quantities. 1.1ped per K Price updated.
  21. shaun117

    Selling: Mod 2600 fap tier 2

    Selling a mod 2600 tier 2!. Full tt +6500ped
  22. shaun117

    Selling: Halloween boxes

    Have 100 to sell or to trade for christmas boxes. Pm. cheers located caly 2.3p per box
  23. shaun117

    Selling: Adj resto chip

    Selling adj resto chip +4050. Already very cheap wont go lower. Located caly.
  24. shaun117

    Selling: Mod 2600

    Selling mod 2600. Full tt +6100 No trades pure ped
  25. shaun117

    Buying: High tier m83 predator

    Looking to purchase a high tier 8-10 m83 predator pm me with what u have and a price