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    Uber: Rare loot from Aurli

    A nice surprise looted from Aurli, Doa Slugstorm :eyecrazy::yay: cheers keek
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    Buying: Shagadi disintegration sword tier 5-7

    interested in tiers 5-7 plz
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    Selling: ESI x 36

    wts ESI X 42 sold
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    Selling: Jarhead (M)

    SOLD wts full set Jarhead UL (M) Tier 1-3 colored Yellow 100 % 7x3 fields (6783 cans) wiki tt=379
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    Selling: Adjusted Maddox IV

    Selling my great weapen :) Adjusted Maddox IV Tier 4.9 damage interval with full dmg enhancer and Fi/Ra/Co Beast : 40.3 - 80.6dmg -----------Dmg/sec 66.29 SOLD pm me here or in game
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    Selling: Lacerating Attack Nanochip XI (UL, Tier 0)

    Freshly looted:yay: Lacering Attack Nanochip XI unlimited TIER 0 the biggest of them (UL) all SOLD
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    Selling: Omegaton Igni L1100E

    Selling my great weapen :) Omegaton Igni L1100E Tier 6,2 damage interval with full dmg enhancer and A106: 67,4-134,8-----------Dmg/sec 87.44 damage interval with full dmg enhancer and Hotfoot 30: 76,4-152,8-----Dmg/sec 99.12 pm me here or in game SOLD
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    Selling: Gremlin (m) tier 3

    I have a full set GREMLIN for sale 6 parts is tier 3.x and one part tier 2.x SB tt+ 250 BO tt+280 cheers keek
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    Selling: BOOM BBC (L) 69 dmg

    BBC x 5 tt is from 50ped to full 135ped , total tt is about tt 430 cheers keek
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    Selling: Boom BBC (l)

    for sale ... best amp in game (69dmg) tt=135ped
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    Selling: Lacaering attack nanochip IX (L)

    have alot of these for bulk prize total tt= >520 Bo=104% or make me an offer here or in pm
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    Selling: Embra Ignition EnBlade (L)

    selling this beauty whit 199dmg full tt=440ped sold ends 24h after sb
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    Selling: Phantom (M) Tier 1

    HI there up for sale is a full set Phantom (M) armor sold tiers:arm 2,2 face 1,9 shin 1,4 harness 1,3 foot 1,2 thigh 1,2 gloves 1,1 SB: tt+3,5k BO: tt+3.8k just peds or cld's the set...
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    Selling: 1k Advanced Scanning Sensor

    Im selling 1k Advanced Scanning Sensor
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    Selling: Adjusted Omegaton M2722 tier 1.3 + Omegaton A203

    Hi there up for sale this eco combo ,or the gun ,or the amp dmg/pec 2.979 damage whit amp 46 attack 60 combo SB TT+1.7k BO TT+1.8k after SB on combo i dont take offers for gun or amp alone gun SB TT+900 BO TT+940 Amp SB TT+900 BO TT+940
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    Selling: Phantom (M) - Mostly tier 1

    Hi there up for sale is a full set Phantom (M)armor sold
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    Ville bara veta...

    ....och testa,om det funkar :confused: hmm SLART Y BART FAST:yay::yay::yay: