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  1. Sync

    Selling: Excavator ME/05 + Brigadier coat

    Hello, I would like to sell: Genesis Star Eearth Excavator ME/05 tier 1 (old time - good eco). and Urban nomad brigadier coat (M) Pm. with offers. Greetings Sync
  2. Sync

    Selling: Nemesis (M) Tier 1 set

    Hey, I would like to sell nemesis (M) tier 1 set for: SB: +1300 BO: +1400 P.S: Harnes is allready tier 2 Good Luck
  3. Sync

    Buying: Nemesis (M) set

    Hi, PM if you selling one. BOUGHT!
  4. Sync

    Question: Is that fair/scam?

    We have normal (opalo/cb5) swunt team on sunday at Nea's. In first kill we hit global: LR63 worth 146ped:yay: . But here is the problem. Becouse we all shoot with opalo and cb5 we should split our loot on equival value. But avatar who get item just log off, seconds after "she" hear price of gun...