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  1. Anton DS

    new makeup unloked

    New make up unlocked.. u now can colored ur body.. finnaly!! :) Click to enlarge
  2. Anton DS

    Puzzzle from MA

    They post a pazzle at atlantis. Six of nothing grouped in two. Monkeys, turtles, pigs, looked upon. Followed by a group. Written monkeys, turtles, pigs. Followed by a group. Creature driven from its land, face got grinded in the red, chewing mechanism in sand. Find them on a specific time...
  3. Anton DS

    Selling: Boar gloves (F,L)

    HoF post and photos @ auc :)) take a look :))
  4. Anton DS

    Boar gloves (F,L)

    Click to enlarge Selling thread
  5. Anton DS

    Nice Ambu HoF

    Click to enlarge :)) it's was a nice ESI. selling Thread here
  6. Anton DS

    310 ped ESI

    Selling 310 ped esi Click to enlarge start bid is 2.5k peds.. PM me ur bids, i'll public the biggest here.
  7. Anton DS

    Compared EU economy and the real country

    was found a data about GDP some real world countries. so EU like Solomon Islands, Timor-Leste, Vanuatu. someone somewhere heard about them ?? :) so the data in mln of dollars Vanuatu 388 Entropia universe 360 Timor-Leste 356 Solomon Islands 335 it's cool m8s :))) hope all of u was take a part...
  8. Anton DS

    Buying Omegaton A202

    I want to buy this amp, if u ready to sell it PM me plz.
  9. Anton DS

    Does EU in down??

    subj. I'm trying to connect to EU and it's can fount it. tracert stop at [] getway :( Any1 else have a same problem??
  10. Anton DS

    holy kreltin Alha

    wonderfull loot and grats from skalman in row :))
  11. Anton DS

    126 ped ESI

    I loot silent uber -- good ESI 126 ped. But i want to know - Is it fear price 800% for it?? and if anyone want to buy it i'm here.
  12. Anton DS

    Entropia Platform

    Hi mates!! How do u think what database does they use?? IMHO they use Oracle database, or I want to think like that. Unfortunately I have not found acknowledgements for my words not on on on a site
  13. Anton DS

    BPL or Laser

    Help to understand distinctions between BPL and the laser weapon ензуы. How I understand with bpl more quickly reload and the laser range is bigger? what else?? What it's economical aspects??
  14. Anton DS

    My fist HoF

    Hi for all i was first time hofed this weekend. And want to show this Hof. It's on second place on this screeny
  15. Anton DS

    Way to sky

    In ЕУ there is a remarkable log, you can rise in the sky. Here some sreens of this phenomenon.
  16. Anton DS

    About Amp

    I'm going to use Breer m2 on some low mobs -- but i need some more dmg, question wath maxed amp i can use with breer m2.. And what beeter (L) or non (L) amp?? tnx for help, wbw Anton.
  17. Anton DS

    Need company on CP

    I search for the company for team hunting on CP. Hunting I plan on these weekends. My equipment: Gremlin+5B, GeoTrek AL15 Taurus (L) + Shear XR70 (L), EK2600 + 111 HP; So it will be fun. contact me if u interested. And good loot for all of u m8s.