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    Monetization of EFD?

    What is the deal with trading EFD for items/PED? I thought it was only good for buying forum goodies, and so has no monitary instrinsic value. The only thing I can think of is that people are willing to pay real $$$ to increase their forum prestige? As far as the Growth Fund, since anyone can...
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    Falling off the edge of the World

    The coordinates: 26232, 36078, 220 I fall into a chasm where there is no terrain between X 26232 and X 26231. I fall to sea level (Z 98) into the water. There are plants and stuff on the walls. I follow this channel south (you can move north or south but it's only 1 unit wide) until about 34129...
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    Tool to Facilitate Private Trades

    I am interested in constructing an online tool to make it easier for players to trade privately (I'm sure it's been attempted; if so, please provide a link so I can examine how it was stuctured). The following are some advantages it may have: (1) Slightly better prices as a result...
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    Buying: Force Nexus

    I need 400 Force Nexus and will pay 120% (total order 4.80 PED).
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    Two-sided Exchange

    The quick and easy definition: Now, EU auctions are essentially one-sided. Yes I know you can place a buy order but it's not quite the same. It is heavily skewed toward the auction-style offers...
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    NEX and ME Recent Market Volume [Nov. 3]

    We see price data on easily but here is the volume data from the same site. Note that ME has more trades and so the date range is smaller. NEX seems to trade in spurts while ME trading is more constant:
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    Question: EU Economy

    I am trying to get a picture of the economic structure in EU. From what I've read, here's how I think it works (correct me if wrong): (1) Broadly, there are money sources and sinks between players and the game. The sources appear to be monster loot drops, random drops (fruit, etc), mining...