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    Selling: Adjusted jaguar set tier 3

    Would like to sell adjusted jaguar set. Bo 11k. 6 parts tier 3 and helmet tier 2 at the moment. BO tt+ 11k Regards
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    Selling: Angel Fen t1/t2

    Taking reasonable offers for Angel (M) Fen edition :handgun::handgun::handgun:
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    Selling: Shadow,imp fap

    Shadow full set (M)-sold Improved fap tier 1.9- Sold
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    ATH: KAAK strikes again, 70k explo :D:D:D:D:D:D
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    Selling: Full tt ESI

    Taking offers on full tt esi.
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    ATH: ATH 113 164 at underground 06/10/2017

    Ok guys here is my video clip how didi i get my ath. Higest treasure find so far 17th place ath list. equipment - terramaster 5,tier 5 + all depth ench in. *3 off terraamp 10 *3 off terraamp 9 *3 off terraamp 8 i was thinking to start a run from terra 8 and upwards but accidentally place first...
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    Buying: Interested in full set Est (M)

    I'm interested for full set EARTH SHOCK (M,L) pm offers