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    Trouble installing 10.0

    Dunno where to put this thread so it ended up here. i cant get Eu 10.0 working i downloaded the files from MA's website and then installed them and everytime i open Eu an error pops up and it tells me to reinstall it all again, i try this on both c and d drives. im stumped...
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    Question: Average Hp for 150,000 total skills.

    Bearing in mind all of the professions how much Hp would you peronaly expect to see from an avatar with 150,000 total skills. Quite alot of options as the answers will probably varry alot. The results should be interesting tho, personaly id expect to see around 145hp.
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    Uber: Best of decmeber

    Not had a bad month, im impressed with the skills i gained over the 3x event. Gained 2 aggility points which was nice :) and had these nice hof's too.
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    Selling: Doa Loudmouth

    Accepting ped offers only, here or by pm which ever suits you.
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    Selling: Doa LM Package

    Selling my pride and joy, doa lm package for sale. Offers via PM please i will keep this thread updated with the top offer. This is not an auction. Package Contains 1 x Doa Loudmouth 1 x Dante Amp [Sold] 1 x Jzar Scope [Sold] 2 x Hunnir Lassers [Sold] I will consider selling the items single...
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    Achievement: Trox Mission {JJ <3 Trox} 15 Globals 1 Hof

    New day a new mission, trox got it tonight :) achievement! 15 globals and 1 hof sets my personal best for one nights hunting (7 hours) :D Fridays hunting mission is here (11 Globals 1 Hof) :) Staurdays hunting mission (15 Gloabls 1 Hof) Tip: Hunting trox blind makes them less boaring ;)
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    Selling: x5(L) 199%

    x5(L) is 329TT and selling for 199%.
  8. J

    Achievement: Space Mission 11 Globals 1 Hof

    Tonight was a good night to hunt at cp, suppose this is an achievement 12 swirls in one night is pretty good going and a x5 too. If only all space mission's were like this.. :)
  9. J

    Achievement: Extraction

    Unlocked this skill today :)
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    Achievement: Martial Arts

    Bought an Axe with the last of my ped and got an unexspected unlock :D Never really used Melee much where should i start?
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    Selling: 227ped Esi

    227ped Esi for sale 899% straight out.
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    HoF: Silent Ambulimax Hof ESI

    Well after having a long day on EU 9 hours going from ups and downs also burning through 300k ammo i could'nt believe my luck when this little beauty poped up in my window my first big ESI :yay: That green dot on my radar the ambulimax ran from him to me and he said sorry for of-loading it...
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    Selling: Selling Mini V1 tt+5.5k

    As the title says. JJ
  14. J

    HoF: 382 Hispidus Provider

    Passing thru this La and this poped up :)
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    Selling: Selling Boar(M) + Dante

    Taking offers on these, reply by pm.
  16. J

    Achievement: 7000 Natural Rifle

    Lots and lots of hunting :)
  17. J

    HoF: Aurli Weak 398

    Went back to cp to try my luck ;) my 5th hof in a week :)
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    ATH: Trox Dominant 25,509

    I never thought this day would come been in game for almost 5 years now and its been a very long wait. In that 5 years i have mostly lost and lost with hunting so to get a loot like this from my most hunted mob is just unbelievable. Was hunting with my friend he deposits some as he has a keen...
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    Achievement: 77 Agility

    Took a very long time but i got to the next level :D bring on level 78 lol :eek:
  20. J

    HoF: An evening at CP

    Well what can i say never had 3 HOF's in 2 days :) Starting hunting in dome 1 and that was fairly straight forward so i decided to go in dome 4 :) Then a short time later Id like to give a big thnx Svaba for rocking space with me, was a great night :D
  21. J

    HoF: Trox AoA

    Got my first hof in a long time yesturday after going on a spider soc hunt i was lucky to recieve nearly full TT Martial(M)(L) arms, we regrouped at the rig but on my way there i stopped to kill a few big trox and this happened :) woooot :D
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    Achievement: Medium

    No longer classed as weak ;) feals good hehe
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    Achievement: Treatment

    Took a while to get there :)
  24. J

    Is the ring getting to hot?

    Never thought id be on the end of a rocket laucher this way ouch.
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    Selling: Neconu DNA

    Neconu DNA for sale price neogotiable. Reply by PM please.