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    Largest number of hits you have ever gotten in a row

    Title says it all. Of any size claim, what is the largest number of consecutive claims you have ever gotten? I once got 12 Lyst in a row :D
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    Its Race time again!! Peds and Prizes to be won!

    Was great fun! Thanks to the organisers and sponsors. Had a blast and look forward to the next one. Cheers also for the armour :D I admit - it is my first completed set of armour. Haha! Thanks a lot guys n gals
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    Its Race time again!! Peds and Prizes to be won!

    Would love to join if I may.
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    Become a citizen of Planet Calypso!

    Additional questions 1) If someone buys a land lot deed from another participant after the land grab, do they then also inherit that piece of land and what is on it? 2) If someone wanted to expand their area so that they can build something larger or perhaps 2 house next to each other (for...
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    Challenge to community: Entropia Universe vote

    Voted again where I could. Yehaw
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    Auction watch list

    Pretty simple and self explanatory wish. An added tab to auction for a watch list. In some cases a player may want to track the progression of an item without having to put down a bid or may just be curious about the item or items. This would have to save them remembering and looking up each...
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    Boosters for vehicles

    Thought about this also - I think it'd be awesome especially for space. Would be an excellent addition for smugglers transporting large amounts of goods. Implement it sort of like an after burner on a jet fighter. Turn it on for as long as you want but with a higher fuel consumption and then a...
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    Ace Of Space space combat trainer.

    Yep I also got this error.
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    I think. IN MY HEAD. That we should have flashlights.

    Would be cool if they ever added caves/underground to the game.
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    Ideas to improve society terminal

    Couple of other ideas * Add an ability to add 'keywords' so that societies that consider themselves in certain categories are searchable. Ie mining specific societies may add keywords like mining, ore, trade, enmatter etc so that players may search for societies with similiar interests. *...
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    JoshEdward’s Smart Trade Terminal Solution (STTS)

    Reservation IGN : Defcon Deffy One TT Value : Bit over 100 ped Location : PA Time : Sort out by PM
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    Hi. In terms of buying ores where can you most easily be found and what time MA are you...

    Hi. In terms of buying ores where can you most easily be found and what time MA are you generally on? Cheers.
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    Its here ~ the aussie/asian only event!!

    Absolutely awesome event mate. That was my first ever and i had a great time trying to whack people with my tt sword :D Valk and Death seemed to be showing us all up with their high hp. I think of perhaps 50 attacks on death i gave up with less than 5 hits and decided to stay away from him :P...
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    Its here ~ the aussie/asian only event!!

    Whoo!!! Go team 3! Sounding good Bags. Great work mate thanks a lot! Edit - Oh and thats a yes :P
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    Its here ~ the aussie/asian only event!!

    Definately yes!
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    CryENGINE®2 EFD Contest

    Jan 1 2015 :laugh: Seriously, Jan 1 2009 :P
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    It's Finally Here... The Ultimate Trader Tool!!

    Hi. I think this tool is great. Very organised and easy to use. None of the following are criticisms at all, just a bit of feedback :) 1) I think you mentioned this earlier but im not sure. Adding an option for tt+ in addition to % markup. 2) Currently its impossible to buy an item with tt...
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    Attention All Australians

    Full avatar name: Defcon Deffy One Society name: Aussie Troopers Main activity in game: Hunter/Miner/Sweater State/Territory: NSW PS: Thanks again for your help earlier.
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    Auction packages

    Macce - Yeah sorry mate, I did use the search function to have a quick squizz to see if anything came up with regards to this topic but I didn't see anything. With regards to the idea, I think people are right with the difficulty in calculating markup and market value for specific items in the...
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    Auction packages

    I don't know if this has been suggested so apologies if it has. I searched 'auction packages' and nothing along these lines really came up so yeah. I think being able to make auction packages would be cool so you could sell a whole bunch of stuff in one lot. People who deal in specific item...
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    Dog Tags in PVP

    Good idea, I voted yes.