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  1. Prosojnik

    Selling: archon Tier 3,7

    selling archon sword tier 3.7 SB 1.2K BO 1.4K Pm here or ingame
  2. Prosojnik

    Selling: Lacerating Attack Nanochip V TEN Edition (UL) great TIR

    selling this chip with rly nice TIR 23DPS 2,933 eco according to entropida no idea what its worth so just pm me offers PED only current offer +1KPED - will be sold within few days if no new offers.
  3. Prosojnik

    Buying: Ancient Red Scorpion

    loooking for ancient red scorp if you'r selling pm me your price here or ingame, tier does not matter for me.
  4. Prosojnik

    Buying: Archon's sword

    looking for one sword pm if you'r selling one.
  5. Prosojnik

    Buying: Vigilante (M) set

    looking for vigi (M) set , pm here or ingame if your selling one and whats your price I dont care about tiers.
  6. Prosojnik

    Selling: EP-52 Dissolver (L)

    selling bunch of these guns total TT around 800PED 124% buyout pm here or ingame,
  7. Prosojnik

    Selling: Esi - full tt

    as the title says selling full TT esi pm offers here or ingame.
  8. Prosojnik

    Selling: Mod LR32 (L) Tier5 3.3K TT left

    Selling mod lr32 (L) atm tier 5 with 3314TT left on it and you will probably get it to tier 10 easy. SB : 105% BO : 120%
  9. Prosojnik

    Selling: Esi 77ped

    selling 77.20PED empty skill implant 690% .
  10. Prosojnik

    Selling: Herman ASI TEN Edition T3

    Herman ASI TEN Edition Tier 3 for sell TT + 32K Recommended level only 37 BLP pistol ! 67DPS - 2,96 eco with dante amp or 81DPS with 3 dmg enhancers ! Get this low level, high eco-dps, gun today ! :) PED ONLY
  11. Prosojnik

    Selling: Nemesis (M) Set T2

    Selling full nemesis set (M) Tier 2.8 Helm tier 2.6 gloves tier 2.5 harness tier 2.6 arm guards tier 2.2 thigh tier 2.5 shin guards tier 2.7 foot guards TT+800PED come and get it now ! add ingame or pm here.
  12. Prosojnik

    Selling: Rappersnapper (L), thunderbird M;L

    Selling alot of rappsnapper L amps for 104% over 300PED TT PM here or ingame
  13. Prosojnik

    Selling: Full Knight (M) T1-2

    Selling full knight (M) set, parts tier 1-2 SOLD
  14. Prosojnik

    Looking for Combat Mace mk.I for rent

    Im looking for combat mace mk.I to rent it for a week or two. If you got one PM me here or ingame .
  15. Prosojnik

    Buying: Combat Mace Mk.I

    Looking to buy this club for TT+600PED if you sell one PM me here or ingame.
  16. Prosojnik

    Buying: Nemesis (M) set

    Looking for nemesis (M) UL set, if you'r selling it pm me with your price !
  17. Prosojnik

    UL cryogenic attack nanochip IV

    What would be the price for this chip ? 18.x DPS and also is tier 1.7 so far.
  18. Prosojnik

    Hunter / Fapper for hire

    Since the loot has been super low for me I decided to do some service :) If you need extra dps or healing you can call me any time Level 60 Laser Sniper / Pistol ( Hit ) Level 50 BLP Sniper / Pistol ( Hit ) Level 24 Paramedic Level 34 ( Hit ) Sword and other melee weps Level 25 Cryogenic (...
  19. Prosojnik

    Selling: Knight (M) set & Cryogenic Attack Nanochip IV UL

  20. Prosojnik

    Buying: lc-240 recon

    buying lc-240 recon (L) with higher tier rates on I and II 150+, pm if you loot any here or ingame.
  21. Prosojnik

    Buying: Archon's Sword

    Buying 1 archon's sword I dont care about tiers, pm me here on ingame if you have one and what the price is.
  22. Prosojnik


    What do you guys think SR51 tier 1.8 is worth ? UL version ofc, 7x tier rate 12x+ Stats from entropedia with dante : eco : 2.954 / 160m range / 28dps
  23. Prosojnik

    Buying: Ancient Red Scorpion

    as the title says buying this gun, pm me your price:)
  24. Prosojnik

    Buying: Knight (M)

    looking for knight (M) armor set, pm me . also buying part by part if you dont have set.
  25. Prosojnik

    Buying: Ankitus (M)

    Hi im searching for ankitus (M) arm guards and helm or face guard or whatever its called, pm me ( on Calypso )