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    Buying: Bp sb-70 (l)

    Hello, I buy blueprints (L) - SB-70 (L), i offer a good price. PM me Miss Alice FR
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    Buying: Blueprint ArMatrix SB-65 (L)

    Hello, I buy Blueprint ArMatrix SB-65 (L) Pm me ingame - MiSs Alice Fr Thank you :)
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    Buying: Genesis Bifrost UL

    I'm looking to buy Genesis Bifrost UL. Do you know the Mu? And do you have it to sell? thank you in advance
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    Selling: Selling ML-35 Tier 5.7 => 8.5k

    I sell my ml-35 tier 5,7 SB/BO => 8.5kped
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    Selling: Selling ML-35 Tier 5.7

    HI :) Il sell my ML-35 tier 5.7 Buy in 8500 incl TT Buy out 10000 incl TT PM me for offers.
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    Buying: Pulsar 5(L)

    Hi, I search 7 pulsar 5 (L) Thx
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    Selling: Ambulimax thigh Bone

    Hello, Drop today ambulimax thigh bone. :yay: I sell. Offer in pm.