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    Buying: Angel M set

    looking to buy these, any tier considered, Pm me here with offers. Arso 3 - purchased Still looking for angel
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    Buying: LR-40 FEN

    Looking to buy one of these, let me know here via PM or ingame. Beta Binx Breaker
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    Buying: Adjusted Restoration Chip - Closed

    found one, thanks
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    Buying: EK-2350 Modified - Closed

    Found one, thanks
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    Selling: Skills - Bring Your Own Chip (some might be pre chipped)

    Selling Rifle Skill @ 300% - Bring your own ESI Also have 10.87 ped of Aim already chipped @ 1800% if anyone wants that Drop me a message if your interested and we can work something out. Collateral can be provided
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    Buying: High Tier EP-41 Military Adjusted or similar - Closed

    Found one, Thanks
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    Buying: Closed

    Looking for a BC-30 Modified, BP-20 FEN or LR-40 - or similar, have you have something of interest shoot me a PM
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    Buying: Armatrix BP-20 FEN - no time wasters

    Have ped ready, looking for a fast trade so best offers only, no time wasters or bs,
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    Achievement: Expedition M - Full Set

    Finally after years searching for this set i was finally able to grab the foot guards to complete the set. Thanks to Darkaruki for helping me find the feet.
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    FYI: AEON are recruiting

    AEON are looking for new recruits! We are a new player friendly society, looking for rookies to veterans. The only minimum requirement is that you have access to the interwebs and an Entropia Universe account, a good sense of humor is an advantage. Society Benefits Full access to a Pathfinder...
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    Buying: Expedition Foot Guards M

    Looking to buy a pair of these. Contact me here or in game. Thanks
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    Buying: Loei Shock Dagger

    Buying this dagger or similar equivalent plus appropriate amp Let me know what you got. Beta binx breaker
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    Selling: Adjusted Nemesis M

    Its great armor only selling because of RL PM or post with offers obv looking for close to average markup but can discount for quick sale
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    Buying: Buying vaporiser & ml-45 decent tier.

    Also open to other suggestions.
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    Selling: Selling mid level gear

    Mod 2600 - tt + 7500 Adj nemesis M - tt + 2400 Imp a105 - tt + 1700 Adj ep 41 - tier 6 - tt + 5600 Around 50 Rdi alpha amps @ 1800% 6 parts of bear armor M (missing arms) mostly tier 2-3 7x pulsar 9 plates 150% 7x 6b plates -offer 3x terratech ph3 @ tt+ 35 each Will add more daily Open to offers
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    Selling: L1000 and do-41 adj

    L1000 - tier 4.9 bo 2750 Ep 41 - tier 5.7 - on hold Looking for peds or LR S1x3
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    Buying: Ancient Red Scorpion | ARS

    As title says. I'm looking to buy one of these low tier if possible. Looking to pay a fair price for both parties.
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    Healing service: Modified emt 2600

    Modified EMT kit Ek-2600 I will be for hire usually between 1900 and 2300 MA time and can be booked via PM here or in game My fees are Decay + 10ped per hour no tip is necessary but will always appreciated I have many years of experience in game and know how to keep your healing costs...
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    Selling: Ares Ring, Dante, Nemesis, Adj Vigi, 5b/6a plates & more

    Makeing a pivot so this stuff needs to go, open to all offers. Imp Ares - BO 1050ped Adj Athenic - BO +240 Imp Hermetic - Offer Dante - BO +1650ped Beast - BO +120 Nemesis M Set - BO +950 Adj Vigi M Set - BO +1450 Vindicator M Set - Offer 5B Plates x7 - BO +315 6A Plates x7 - BO +210
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    Buying: Mod 2600

    Looking to buy one of these. Pm with any offers.
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    Selling: Arso TEN

    selling this to buy a new toy Tier is 4.5 Remaining tirs 90 66 132 132 52 141 Adds great dps and reduces regen very nicely. Works great with EST and bunny BO 7500 Am accept Auds and mod adj restoration chip as trade
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    Selling: Full Set M EST

    Sold to buyout offer
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    Buying: Adjusted chikara refiner

    Looking to buy one of these for close to +1500 Pm me with any offers. Binx
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    Buying: EARTH SHOCK TROOPER (M) harness or set

    Looking to buy a set of this but would prefer to just get a nice tt harness if possible. Am willing to pay decent mu, pm with any offers. Binx
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    Selling: Fi/Ra/Co Beast & Fi/Ra/Co Angst

    As title says, selling these highly used but great condition amps Beast = tt + 125 Angst = tt + 115 Any Questions or offers please Pm me here or ingame. "Beta Binx Breaker"