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    Selling: Igni l1000

    Selling my long time favorite handgun and amp tier 5.9 Omegaton Igni L1000 tt+1800 Omegaton a106 tt+1050
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    Suggestion: experienced player looking for soc or friends

    Hello everyone A little back story about my years of experience in game and out of game, I started playing EU in 2011 still being in highschool I was of legal age to play lol (in case MA wants to think I was underage ) I want to say it wasn’t the money part that had me sold for this game but...
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    Selling: Strongboxes

    selling strongboxes x700 for 5ped each 4.9 ped if you buy 10 or more 4.8ped if you buy 100 or more
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    Selling: adjusted jaguar, emik l2 UL. a106, dante

    Selling the following gear full adjusted jaguar set : BO 8.5k omegaton a106: BO tt+1.5k dante :BO tt+1800 emik enigma l2 UL tier 3.9 : BO tt+3k please no lowballers pure peds preferred
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    Selling: selling Gear

    hey guys im selling the current gear: Adjusted jaguar set (M): 8k Emik enigma L2 tier 3.8: tt+3.5k Dante amp: tt+1900 Omegaton a106: tt+1500 adj restoration chip : tt+4850
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    New Player Initiative Become a player amp (get free hunting skills)

    hi my name is deathception i have just came back from a 2 year break i had implemented this concept some time ago but it didnt take off because the people i was working with to make this a multiplanet concept started charging players ped to participate. The concept is very simple , if you are a...
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    Price check for UL Piron PBR-25

    hello i have a UL piron PBR-25 its tier 2.2 and i would like an estimate o its value, trying to sell but theres currently no MU on tier 2+
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    Selling: Piron PBR-25

    hello Selling Piron PBR-25 tier 1.8 SO:1.7k BO:2k Item trades can be accepted depending if i have use for them TY
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    deaths trading supply&demand Co.

    Due to personal matters I wont be able to continue thread closed
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    Selling: Ml-45

    hello im upgrading to a bigger gun so im selling my ML-45 tier 1.7 its good for pvp/ add a Rage 50 amp and you can almost 1 shot anyone much faster fire rate then a Marber , and also it can shoot down mobs before reaching you (145) range SO-3.0k BO-3.7k Auction ends 7 days after BO
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    NAP Free DPS hunting Support team (hiring noobies)

    OK so i was told and clarified that the type of free hunting events i held had a different category and its hiring noobies to assist me on hunting by causing High DPS and getting paid in skills SO..hopefully i wont have to keep posting my annoying posts first of all the term below is important...
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    (N)ewbie (A)ssistance (P)rogram hunting event

    (N)ewbie (A)ssistance (P)rogram Hunting event Hello all I’m sure a few have already seen my previous post about this (at this point it might be annoying ) so I won’t repeat the same thread on here ill just put a link...
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    Newbie assistance Program (NAP)

    thread closed
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    free skilling for newbies

    Attention all newbies I'm sure a few are already thinking of quiting the game because its boring without ped. The reality is that this game is no fun without some kind of financing whether its 10ped or 100 ped or more. In the following weeks every SATURDAY and SUNDAY at varied times ill be...