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    Question: PM me if you loot Proteron Ribs Please. :)

    i looted some ribs but i munched them for dinner so i dont have any now
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    good job for no deposits :)
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    ATH: All of your loot r belong to me

    Says the boy who has an ATH with an UL X5 you fool! Massive gratz star hope you continue to make people cry :) JJ
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    eMine vs Jaguar vs Tiger

    Looks dont count in EU its a very good set of armour for the price, i think its under-rated imo its just as good as jag and a little behind tiger but its protection is spread more over the board making it more versatile. Free bump gl on the sale
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    Selling: "The Farm"

    ITs TT food!
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    ATH #1 - The Firm

    massive gratz to you, im happy about this ATH because the ubbers didnt get it!! i see a few people moaning tho haha :) gratz
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    Is it really that hard?

    Money drives Mindark, they dont care about the player base, they dont care how meny bugs are in EU or they would have fixed them. Greedy bankers springs to mind, if mindark keeps running EU like this some day it will crash and burn.
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    Another Freaking RIP OFF

    Same old story of people complaining, if you dont like EU dont play simples.
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    DetPil V-Rex 2000 SGA

    any ideas on price for this? :D im interested in knowing ;) pm me with approx price plz ;)
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    Discovery: Modified omegaton fast aid pack SGA edition

    all credit to u m8, been hoping it wouldnt drop to an uber as usual :D keep it and enjoy the f**k out of it :D :wtg::wtg::wtg::wtg:
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    Discovery: Omegaton A204 SGAE

    gz skippie hope you get more and more and more and more. What sad people cant unsderstand is that you have to shoot it to loot it, about the 10th time ive said that this week. here's a load of tissues for you guys to dry your tears :laugh:
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    Compiled help for issues or errors installing VU10.0 client

    My installer is stuck in a loop keeps downloading and checking/testing the same update, any idea when MA is going to fix this problem? :thumbup: to MA eu is lookin fit Reagrds JJ
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    Trouble installing 10.0

    your the man, it works cheers pal :)
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    Trouble installing 10.0

    i went to the microsoft website and intsalled all the updates and it still does the same. the error i get is: "C:\Program Files\Entropia Universe\bin32\ClientLoader.exe" This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. reinstalling the application may...
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    Trouble installing 10.0

    Cheers |:)
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    Trouble installing 10.0

    Dunno where to put this thread so it ended up here. i cant get Eu 10.0 working i downloaded the files from MA's website and then installed them and everytime i open Eu an error pops up and it tells me to reinstall it all again, i try this on both c and d drives. im stumped...
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    What did new Hunting ATH #1 do?

    It cost around 40 ped to kill one of these mobs #03 90361 PED 2006/01/12 (Young) by Divine Vixen Incarnate how meny do you think have been killed in 3 years? you do the math, ma's 103k and 96k is nothing.
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    Da Camps CP Journal

    gl with your mission you will get paid one day, stick at it. You should try unamped mm run, see how the decay bill stands to an amp'd run. gl JJ
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    Uber: Wofs Highest single loot ?

    gratz enjoy the peds.
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    ATH: 38418 ped Atrox

    massive gratz, but i dont think a provider should drop 38k. i thought it would have had a cb26 in it but just oils is a bit stupid if you ask me. never less gratz.
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    Are we ready for 150 dps weapons

    I think its better having lower damage guns for pvp (lr66 + bbc does 136dmg max thru carramone +7a(L) which is anough), if some one had a huge gun (300+dmg), great amrour (Carramone), great fap (mod or Vivo Zychion Pro (L)) then they would just walk all over everyone. It would'nt really be pvp...
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    What Camp are you in? (With POLL)

    ill be here to the end no matter what changes :) ETID - entropia till i die
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    Selling: hl8, armor sets, armor plate sets

    whats the least amount you will take for the hl8?
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    Question: What you do while crafting?

    i would'nt class auto clicking as cheating. hunting bots and other things yeah but not for crafting.
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    Discovery: GeoTrek LP540 Tau (L) [crafted by NZR]

    gratz m8, another nice toy for me to play with, i have it in sib do you know what level it is maxed at?