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    Pricecheck: Summer Ring 2017

    So I looted a summer ring and couldn't find any sales info on it, nor in forums. This is NOT a sales thread, I'm curious as to what it's worth on the current market. :yay: If I can get a good idea on the value I'll post another thread, this time selling it. :cool: Thanks in advance! :yay:
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    Is this a discovery? [Dominax Original Moccasin]

    So I just looted a [Dominax Original Moccasin], basically the same stats as the L version, but I didn't get a single rare item hof or discovery hof. Has anyone looted this before? And a side question what do you guys think the mu would be?
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    Buying: Thunderbird (M) UL Parts

    Hi! I'm looking to buy some Thunderbird UL (M) Parts I've got the footguards already so need the other parts Parts I need: Helmet Arm Guards Gloves Harness Thigh guards Shin guards PM Me if you're looking to sell! :yay:
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    Selling: Skills

    Selling two skill chips, Electrokinesis Skill Implant (L) TT: 49.92tt at 800% MU (399.36peds) Coolness Skill Implant (L) Gone! Buy both chips well under MU :yay:
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    HoF: 681X Alic Tower

    Got this in the early morning here, couldn't sleep for some reason; guess I know why now ;) Used a ziplex A10 L and a D-class amp Fun note: Last drop for the last amp and I was like "Oo man I need to break even with like, a global or something"
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    Selling: Terra 1 'Athena' (L) amp UL BP

    Selling this UL bp to craft the (L) Terra amp 1 'Athena', QR atm is 14.4. Stats on the amp themselves is 64 max tt, .40 pec a drop and 4% skill increase bonus to mining. SB = 250 peds BO = 750 peds Sale will last for a week after SB is met. (As always, I really hope I setup the picture...
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    Selling: Ranked HK1750 UL

    Selling This Ranked HK1750 UL a soc mate and I looted SOLD! I always forget how to upload images, hopefully that works :laugh:
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    Selling: Alienware XI Deed (RL Item)

    Won this during the Arkadian Socialite event, would love to keep it but saddly I can't. Real world value: $699.00 Auctioning it off: SB-5K BO-6K Current Bid: 5k Auction ends in 7 Days Note: It comes with a mouse and keyboard and I asked, yes you can still upgrade it, Just need to Contact...
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    Buying: Disco Armor BP

    Hi! I'm looking to buy a set of BP's to craft Disco armor. PM me your offers if you're looking to sell, :yay:
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    Buying: 10x CLD's

    Buying CLD's, 10 to be exact! If you've got some to sell I'd sure like to buy! PM me your offers and let's make a deal! :) Totally forgot to add price, hoping to buy them for around 1250 each.
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    HoF: 21k Lvl 6 mining Amp

    Had some nice hofs on lvl 6 amps but I was losing my shirt, glad I eventually got this: Time to retire from amp crafting.. onto my mining tower! lol
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    Buying: Nemesis armor (M)

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone had a nemesis armor set for sale, (M). Thanks!
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    Leviathan Mature ATH

    Got this guy: Thanks to Sam's Healing service for fapping me and thank you to my soc for being super awesome.